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Very very brief history: Timber grew up in Belfast (Northern Ireland) where he was schooled by Belfast City Breakers about all things hip hop.

Went swimming in the Irish Sea in 2001, got lost, after a week he found land then started walking before sitting down in Manchester (cus it was raining) & he's been based here ever since.



Timber loves music & he loves B-Boyin'. They are the two main passions in his life & as long as he can remember he has fascinated with them. Without music, he would not be dancing and without dancing, he would have no need for music. The more he learns about music, the more he learns about dancing & the more he learns about dancing, the more he learns about music!

Dancing has offered him an insight into DJing, especially for B-Boys, not just in terms of what to play, but when to play it and how to play it. Knowing how to play for B-Boys is almost as important as knowing what to play.

After a number of underground mix CDs, Timer put out his first "proper" release "Super Bad" on Breakin Bread in summer 2007.

He believes that Hip Hop is about taking what others have done before you and making it your own. As a B-Boy and a music lover (something every dancer should be) the thing that excites him the most is hearing music that he's never heard before, its like when you are presented with a plate of food which you'd never tasted before, the feeling you get when it agrees with you cannot be beaten.

This is where he believes hisinsight as a B-Boy helps him as a DJ, its knowing what music agrees with the danceform that is B-Boying. To him, B-Boying is about dancing (not tricks!!) and dancing is about music, the more he learns about the various rhythms of the dance, the more he understands what music suits B-Boyin' the best!

In the last few years Timber has spun at B-Boy events such as United Styles 3 (Boston, USA), Floor Flords 26th Anniversary (Boston USA), Circle Prince South East Europe 2007, KCPA Korean Festival, (Trafalgar Square, London), West Coast Istra Battle (Croatia) 2007, Irish Hip Hop Championship 2007, Talk Is Cheap 2 (Norway), Royal Clash (Austria), Process 06 (Mcr), Red Bull Break In at Oxegen Festival (Ireland), Battle Of The Year North East Europe 2006 (Poland), Regional Conflict - (UK B-Boy Champs UK Eliminator 2006 & 2007, both regional heats & national finals), Red Bull Battle Of Moves @ Hultsfred Festival (Sweden), Unbreakable Jam 2006 (Naples, Italy), Breakin Convention (London), Proti Gravitacii 2 & 3 (Slovakia, 2006 / 2007), Bring It On The Floor 2006 (Germany), Battle Of The Year German national finals 2005, Battle Of The Year Czech national finals 2005, Enemy Squad's 20th Anniversary (Budapest, Hungary, 2004), Banana Jam (Reading), Battle Of Ireland, Banana Jam, Battle Of Britain, UK University B-Boy Champs (Newcastle), Belfast City Breakers 20th Anniversary, Thursday Night Throwdown, LG Action Sports Weekend (Manchester), Art Of War (Warwick) and many many more!

Past & current residencies include Breakin Bread (London), Fresh Jive (Leeds), C'mon Feet (Manchester), Whatever The Weather (Manchester), Fish Fry (Manchester) & more...

Timber has also performed as European tour DJ for Freestyle (Arsonists / Rock Steady - NYC)) & takes great pride in the fact that once b-boys hear him DJ they always invite him back! After being headhunted Timber spent 2 years working at Vox Pop Records dealing in a wide variety of mainly 2nd hand music.

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