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To get your fix of Breakin Bread goodness check out the shows below. We record these approx every 2 weeks and play anything related to hip hop from the last 30 years - soul, funk, disco, jazz, latin, breaks etc and of course some of the good hip hop!

You can check out the Breakin Bread radio show on iTunes, Mixcloud or Samurai.fm.


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Listen to CHAMBER MUSIC - Will Ashon & Skeg by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

Skeg welcomes Will Ashon into the Disco Shed to talk about his book Chamber Music, About The Wu-Tang.

Skeg and Will discuss some of the topics covered in the book and play tracks that influenced the 36 Chambers album and associated tracks from The Clan. This is a deep show about a deep book. ENJOY!



  1. Illinois Jacquet - Blues Pt 2
  2. The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - Our Father
  3. Wendy Rene - After The Laughter (Comes Tears)
  4. Wu Tang Clan - After The Laughter
  5. Souls of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
  6. De La Soul - Egotrippin
  7. The JBs - The Grunt
  8. Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
  9. Wu Tang Clan - Method Man
  10. Wu Tang Clan - 7th Chamber
  11. Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
  12. Wu Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
  13. Wu Tang Clan - Shame On A Nigga
  14. Gza - Shadowboxing
  15. Ghostface - We Made It
  16. Genius & Prince Rakeem - Pass The Bone
  17. Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
  18. Gza - Liquid Swords
  19. Wu Tang Clan - 7th Chamber Part 2
Listen to CHAMBER MUSIC - Will Ashon & Skeg by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

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CHAMBER MUSIC - Will Ashon & Skeg

Skeg welcomes Will Ashon into the Disco Shed to talk about his book Chamber Music, About The Wu-Tang.

Skeg and Will discuss some of the topics covered in the book and play tracks that influenced the 36 Chambers album and associated tracks from The Clan. This is a deep show about a deep book. ENJOY!



  1. Illinois Jacquet - Blues Pt 2
  2. The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - Our Father
  3. Wendy Rene - After The Laughter (Comes Tears)
  4. Wu Tang Clan - After The Laughter
  5. Souls of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
  6. De La Soul - Egotrippin
  7. The JBs - The Grunt
  8. Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
  9. Wu Tang Clan - Method Man
  10. Wu Tang Clan - 7th Chamber
  11. Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
  12. Wu Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
  13. Wu Tang Clan - Shame On A Nigga
  14. Gza - Shadowboxing
  15. Ghostface - We Made It
  16. Genius & Prince Rakeem - Pass The Bone
  17. Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
  18. Gza - Liquid Swords
  19. Wu Tang Clan - 7th Chamber Part 2


DJ Skeg digs out a load of new breaks, not the classic breaks we all know and love, rather break heavy tracks that have been released in recent years.

From reworking of classic breaks to totally new breaks this mix covers all bases from new funk to latin to drum and bass.

Prepare for an onslaught of drums, these are the new breaks! ENJOY!



  1. El Michels Affair - The PJs
  2. Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish
  3. Up Bustle & Out - Hip Hop Barrio
  4. Los Hermanos Latinos - Whistling (Dub)
  5. Depth Charge - Shaolin Buddha Finger
  6. Gas Lamp Killer - A Little Bit Of This
  7. Malcolm Catto - Vibes
  8. Ballistic Brothers - Blacker (94EQ)
  9. DJ Zeph - Bronx Zulu
  10. Bronx Dogs - And The Letters Spell?
  11. The Jedi Knights - Catch The Break
  12. The Deadly Avenger - Charlie Don't Surf
  13. The Sindecut - Angel Of Mercy
  14. Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
  15. Goldie feat KRS One - Digital

BEST OF 2018

Our favourite show of the year! Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve select the best of the best releases of the year.

The boys spin the top new releases and re-issues in the world of soul, funk, hip hop, disco, jazz, beats and more. We hope you enjoy as much as we do!


Much respect to Ian Bangs for the great artwork!



  1. Franklin Black - Gifted People
  2. Charles Bradley - Whatcha Doing (To Me) (feat. The Innervisions)
  3. Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
  4. Kon - No Mistake (Rework)
  5. Disco Bits - Aint No Cruel IntentionsDisco Pocho - Its A Shame (Javi Frias Edit)
  6. Prescription Pricing Authority - 121 Situation
  7. Choker Campbell - Carioca (Mark Grusane Edit)
  8. The Christopher Michael Band - You Make Me Happy (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  9. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - I Can't Stop feat DJ Jazzy Jeff (Louie Vega Remix)
  10. Jorun Bombay - Re-Shifting Gears
  11. DJ Format - The Meeting
  12. P Brothers feat Milano - What Kind Of Shit You Want?
  13. Mikall Parknsun feat Joker Starr - Klingon Face
  14. Coops - That Jazz
  15. Emma-Jean Thackeray - Ley Lines
  16. Kampala Williams - Broken Theme
  17. Ill Considered - Crawled Back Home
  18. The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra - The Anderson Spectrum
  19. Kazahaya - Out Of The Soul
  20. Your Old Droog - Listen (Jonwayne Remix)
  21. Evidence feat Jonwayne - To Make A Long Story Longer
  22. Showbiz feat AG - I'ma Ride
  23. Children of Zeus - Alll Night
  24. Cut Chemist feat Chali 2na & Hymnal - Work My Mind
  25. DC La Rue - Cathedrals (J Kriv Dub)
  26. Nick The Record - Give Me Love
  27. King Sporty & The Extras - Haven't Been Funked Enough
  28. COEO - Cabrio Mango
  29. Melvin Sparks - If You Want My Love
  30. Marta Ren & TT Syndicate - No Ones Gonna Rule My World
  31. Six Feet Under - Hot Foxy Woman
  32. Easy Greasy - Gentle
  33. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar
  34. Ezra Collective - Mace Windu Riddim

Hudson Unplanned

We welcome back one of our favourite guest DJ Hudson. This time round he's gone into this mix totally unplanned...

...as the man himself says "Normally when I do a mix there's a concept or theme in mind but this time I thought let's not think about it and just see what happens, so here it is an unplanned mix of me pulling out new and old goodies from a room full of records - live and direct"

We hope you'll agree the resulting mix is a tribute to the mans skills as well as his vinyl collection! The mix takes in indie hip hop, unknown mash ups, soul, funk, disco and more. A superb mix from a superb DJ! Enjoy!



  1. Lord Sear - Hello
  2. Mood Swingaz - The Blessin (Boom Bodya Da)
  3. All Natural - 50 Years
  4. Fela Kuti - Water Get No Enemy
  5. Freestyle Fellowship - Physical Form
  6. The 9th Creation - Bubble Gum
  7. Parliament - Let's Play House (DJ Platurn Edit)
  8. Prince - Pop Life
  9. Rude Rydims Experiment - Everybody Bounce
  10. MC Mello - Talk Dem Way
  11. Madlib - The Get Over (Move)
  12. LL Cool J - Jack The Ripper
  13. Eric Lau - Do You Like Music?
  14. Black Rob - B.L.A.C.K. (Original Version)
  15. Vicki Anderson - Super Good
  16. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (Jim Sharp Edit)
  17. Stevie Wonder - Tuesday Heartbreak (The Reflex Revision)
  18. Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
  19. Herbie Hancock - Steppin' In It
  20. John McLaughlin - Honky Tonk Haven
  21. Slick Rick - Street Talkin ft Big Boi
  22. Gang Starr - Take a Rest
  23. The Meters - Funky Miracle
  24. Unique - Pure Dynamite
  25. Charles Rouse - Hopscotch
  26. Rolando Al and the Beverly's All Stars - Song For My Father
  27. Sha Rock - Freestyle
  28. Disco Four - Do It, Do It (Instrumental)
  29. The Rimshots - Dancing Girl
  30. Leaders of the New School - International Zone Coaster (Remix)
  31. Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (Kon Edit)
  32. Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World (Instrumental)
  33. J. Rocc - Late Friday Night
  34. Positive K - One To The Head
  35. The Internet - Roll (Burbank Funk)
  36. L.T.D. - Love To The World (Kon's Breakdown Mix)

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Here's another Diggin In The Crates show from Skeg who has just moved his record collection into The Disco Shed. During the move Skeg has been finding lots of gems that he hasn't played in a while. Here they are mixed in with a few new bits. From Yacht Rock to Vintage R&B via Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and Disco. This mix takes in all bases, ENJOY!



  1. Dennis The Fox - Piledriver
  2. Rob Mehl - Taste & See
  3. Pratt & McClain - Whachersign
  4. Brian Elliot - Room To Grow
  5. Nucleus - Destination Earth
  6. Linkwood - Interlude 2
  7. Eddie Henderson - Movin
  8. Ty Karim - It Takes Money
  9. Delores Fuller - One More Chance Lord
  10. Bob Kayli - Tie Me Tight
  11. Ruth Brown - Strange Exotic Melody
  12. Hank Levine & Orchestra - Image (Part 1)
  13. Nick Waterhouse - Indian Love Call
  14. Czarface - Word War 4
  15. Cut Chemist - Work My Mind (feat Chali 2na)
  16. The Chemical Brothers - Go (feat Q Tip)
  17. Disco Bits - Aint No Cruel Intentions
  18. Stormy - The Devastator
  19. Roosevelt Johnson & His Spice Islanders - Mt. Royal
  20. Aromadozeski Therapy - Strudel Strut
  21. DJ Zeph & DJ Enki - Rock The Beat
  22. Crystal Re-Clear - A Rock and a Hard Place
  23. Joanne Ellis - By Baby
  24. Man Friday - Real Love
  25. Tom Of Brooklyn - Summer Song
  26. Nostrum - Around The World in 80 Seconds (Sean P Edit)
  27. Bobby Cash Redd - Skate-Party People (Sean P Edit)
  28. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - You Got Me Moonwalking
  29. Robert Moore - Everythings Gonna Be Alright
  30. Etta James - Tell Mama
  31. Gow Dow Experience - Compared To What (Version)
  32. Bob Darin - Light Blue
  33. Jay Porter - Way Out West

British Diggin' Export Strength - DJ Sir Yoxalot

This is a guest mix from Sir Yoxalot. All tracks are sourced in the UK with loads of fantastic influences all over the musical sprectrum; sourced from boot sales, charity shops, stalls, jumble sales - you name it, all for tuppence.

It's all off original LP's and 45's strictly no comps or re-issues.

One thing keeps coming up in the mix, the legendary Hammond organ. The wax comes with all it's cracks and pops and the Alan Price 45 is a bit battered!

This is an eclectic mix for the open minded!



  1. F J Ricketts - Colonel Bogey March
  2. Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window (Inst)
  4. Johnny Morris Introduces
  5. Adam Best - You Shouldn't Say
  6. Georgie Fame - In the Meantime
  7. Brian Auger - Let's do it Tonight
  8. Pete Moore - Take 8
  9. The Tremeloes - Cool Jerk
  10. Mike Berry - Dial my Number
  11. The Table of 5
  12. Eric Thoner - Nofretete's Headache
  13. The Dudley Moore Trio - Not Only But Also
  14. Dave Clark Five - Concentration Baby
  15. Hot Butter - Space Walk
  16. Don Fardon - I'm Alive
  17. Ugly Custard - Custard's Last Stand
  18. Andre Brasseur - Hold Up
  19. Alan Price Set - Shame
  20. Tony Hatch - A Latin Happening
  21. Brian Auger - Black Cat
  22. Manfred Mann - The One in the Middle
  23. CCS - Tap Turns on the Water
  24. Alan Haven - The Odd Couple
  25. TSB Bank - It's the Bank for Me
  26. Johnny Morris Endroduction
  27. Withdoctor - Jungle Fever
  28. Boris Gardner - Different Strokes
  29. Barry Stoller - Match of the Day Theme

October 2018

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to select the finest new releases on wax from the last couple of months. The boys have sifted through all the new releases and re-issues to bring you the best soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, disco and more.

This is the best of the best, ENJOY!



KAZAHAYA soulful beats special!

Kazahaya joins Skeg to spin some great modern soul in his unique DJ style. He also spins some tracks from his new album. Skeg spins some classic Kazahaya tracks and one of his favourite Japanese records of all time.


For more info on Kazahaya:



  1. Kazahaya - Remember Hip Hop 2010
  2. Kazahaya - Miracles
  3. Kazahaya ft Cuomo - Gonna Love You Anyway
  4. Unsung Wonders - Colour One Tear Black
  5. New Stolen Hearts - Ho Happy Day
  6. The Divas Band and Revue - Please Be Truthful
  7. Debra Anderson - How Funny (Kazahaya Edit)
  8. Akinyorii.Y - Twilight Garage (Kazahaya Edit)
  9. Between The Two - Take A Little Time (Kazahaya Edit)
  10. Power Struggle - Disco Dancing (Kazahaya Edit)
  11. Margeeah -Music is My Love
  12. The Stylistics - You're The Best Thing In My Life (Kazahaya Edit)
  13. Joe Bataan - Latin Soul Square Dance
  14. Kazahaya - Out Of The Soul
  15. Kazahaya - Mellowdrama
  16. Kazahaya - Universal Colours
  17. Kazahaya feat The Spandettes - Broad Smile
  18. Kazahaya - Seventh Heaven
  19. Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit
  20. Daytoner - Apache Street
  21. Run DMC - Down With The King
  22. DJ Krush - Kemuri

ROCKERS REVENGE! - Marc Hype & Skeg

We've got Marc Hype in for a guest mix on this show. Marc delivers an all 45s b-boy friendly cut n paste mix whilst Skeg introduces the mix and plays a few beat heavy tracks of his own.

If you don't know Marc he's one of the mainstays of the German hip hop scene and he's involved with the Dusty Donuts label. We're very happy to have a mix from him and hope you are too! Enjoy!

More info on Marc Hype on www.keepitdusty.com



  1. DJ Format - Feelin James
  2. Lefties Soul Connection - Organ Donor
  4. Richard's People - Yo-Yo
  5. Perfect Circle - Hands Of Time
  6. Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Lesson 716
  7. 45 Brothers - Hit Me
  8. TY - Baby Love
  9. Kamanchi Sly - Incredible MC
  10. The Rhythm Snipers - B-Boy Champions Medley
  11. Bongo Rockers - Apache
  12. The Chosen Few - Funky Buttercup
  13. Last Bongo in Paris - Battened Ships
  14. Cavern - Liquid Liquid
  15. Mr. Sweety G - At The Place To Be
  16. A Different Bag - Let's Put It Together
  17. Sound Of The City Experience - Getting Down
  18. DJ Day - What Planet What Station
  19. Michel Audiard - Tatou Strip Tease

SUNSHINE in your veins - Oonops and Skeg

DJ Oonops out of Hanover, Germany joins DJ Skeg with another guest mix for Breakin Bread.

This Oonops mix aims to put extra Sunshine In Your Veins and Skeg introduces the mix with some of his summer selections. Slap some sunscreen on and join the boys on a ride through Tropical Sounds, Latin vibes, Summer beats and more. ENJOY!


JULY 2018

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve are back with the latest releases and re-issues on wax. The boys take us on a ride thru the best jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, latin, disco and more to come out in recent times. This is the best of the best! ENJOY!



  1. Emanative - New Day
  2. Emma-Jean Thackray - Ley Lines
  3. Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy - Afro Black
  4. Kamasi Washington - The Psalmnist
  5. Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - Tinoge
  6. Orchesrtre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou Dohemy - Its A Vanity
  7. Oto De Rojas y Los Ultras 76 - Choca Las Caderas
  8. Jorun Bombay - Wanna Be Editin Somethin
  9. J Rocc - Late Friday Night
  10. The Beginning Of The End - Fishman
  11. Quantic - We Got Soul (Rob Life remix)
  12. DC La Rue - Cathedrals (J Kriv Dub)
  13. King Sporty & The Extras - Haven't Been Funked Enough
  14. Doc Severinson - I Wanna Be With You (DJ Harvey's Pacific Beach Edit)
  15. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar (Extended Mix)
  16. Mayhem Lauren feat Action Bronson - 5 Wagon
  17. Black Thought - 9th vs Thought
  18. Lewis Parker - Real Life Real Drama
  19. P Brothers feat Milano - What Kind Of Shit You Want?
  20. Michael Parkinson & Mr Thing - Klingon Face
  21. Kiefer - Highway 45
  22. Earl Jeffers - Fuel Injection
  23. Jonny Benavides - Lets Get Together
  24. Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind Of Lady
  25. Sylvester - Over And Over (Kon Edit)
  26. Dazzle Drums - Get Down Boy
  27. Rabo De Saia - Ripa Na Xulipa
  28. Kaiti Tatham feat Children of Zeus - Out Here On My Own
  29. Children of Zeus - Hard Work
  30. Johnny Lewis - Unchain My Heart
  31. The Merced Blue Notes - Sundown
  32. Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love


Tony S returns with another dope mix aimed straight at your Summer Parties! Tony takes us on a ride through funk, soul, disco and house all tinged with summer vibes. Get sweaty people! ENJOY!



  1. Ooh Child - Charles Jackson
  2. Vince - Al Kent
  3. Chop Up The Pieces (DB Edit) - Average White Band
  4. Why Don't You Think About Me (Francoise Kevorkian 12" Remix) - Instant Funk
  5. Do Yo Thang - The Funk District
  6. Keep On Dancing (DB Edit) - Kiki Gyan
  7. Ikare (Yusek Remix) - Bertrand Burglar
  8. Don't Worry, If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go - Curtis Mayfield
  9. New Jersey (Original Mix) - Iban Monitor & Jazzman Wax
  10. Talking' Bout Life - Aroop Roy
  11. Calling Out (12" Mix) - Sophie Lloyd & Dames Brown
  12. Light You Up - Luke Solomn, Queen Rose & Amy Douglas
  13. Hamdi (Fouk Remix) - Nachtbraker


Skeg warms things up with a bunch of records with a tropical feel. This mix takes in latin, cumbia, nu-yorican, afro and more. Anything with a tropical feel to make you think of hot weather or hot music. We hope you enjoy!



  1. Artur Verocai - Na Boca Do Sol
  2. Arsenio Rodriguez - Se Formo El Bochinche
  3. Ray Barretto - Acid
  4. Los Brasilios - Brasilian Beat
  5. Ondatropica - Bomba Tropica
  6. Serguei - Ourico
  7. Adolfo Echeverria - Sabroso Bacalao
  8. Enrique Olivarez Y Los Vampiros - Arriba Tipo
  9. Ely - As Turbinas Estao Ligadas
  10. Ricardo Marrero & The Group - Babalonia
  11. Cozy Cole - Cozy & Bossa
  12. Corazon - Corazon
  13. Nico Gomez - Ritual
  14. Harvey Avenue - The Word
  15. Gilberto Gil - Bat Macumba
  16. Tito Puente - Oye Como Va
  17. Arthur Verocai - Caboclo

MAY 2018

Another "new music" show from the Breakin Bread Crew. Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together every other month to sift thru the finest new releases and reissues on wax. The boys select the best of the best and try to fit them into a 2 hour show.

This time round the show had a tropical feel with a lot of afro and disco alongside soul, funk,hip hop, jazz and few genres in between! The boys love doing this show and we hope you like it too! ENJOY!



  1. Earth Wind and Fire - Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit Edit)
  2. Sangere - Africa
  3. King Sporty & The Extras - Rock Attack
  4. Disco Dub Band - For The Love of Money (Dub)
  5. Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls - Basa Basa
  6. Quantic y Los Mimics del Ritmo - Hotline Cumbia
  7. Hailu Mergia - Addis Nat
  8. The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra - The Anderson Spectrum
  9. Rickey Calloway & The Soul Motivators - Tell Me
  10. The Sorcerers - In Pursuit of Shai Hulud
  11. Ebo Taylor - Mumudey Mumudey (Natureboy Flako Remix)
  12. Souleance - J'Aime Marcher
  13. Tall Black Guy - Gifted People (Ten Eight Seven Mix)
  14. Roc Marciano feat Action Bronson - Corniche
  15. Grandmilly & Shozae - Ferris Wheel
  16. Homeboy Sandman & Edan - Rock & Roll Indian Dance
  17. Cut Chemist Feat Edan & Mr Lif - Metalstorm
  18. Della Dee Dee Garrett - I Must Be Doing Something Right
  19. Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back
  20. Gloria Jay - I'm Gonna Make It
  21. Charles Williams - Trees & Grass & Things
  22. Onyx Collective - FDR Drive
  23. Bobby Oroza - This Love Pt.1
  24. Larry Wu - Let Me Show You
  25. Prince - Controversy (Discotron Remix)
  26. Disco Bits - Lazy & Wicked
  27. Jake Holloway & Dave Jarvis - A Morning Shunt (Edit)
  28. Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
  29. Children of Zeus - All Night
  30. Children of Zeus - Slow Down
  31. Slum Village ft Q-Tip - Hold Tight (Lost Remix)
  32. Dabrye feat La Peace - Fightscene
  33. Calm Down - Most Wanted (Matt Love Edit)
  34. Drifters - You Got To Pay Your Dues

Friday Night Forty Fives - Baila

Here's another dope mix from one of the friends we've met on our DJ travels. Baila hails from Swindon in South West England and we met him spinning tunes alongside Breakin Bread artist Para.

Together Para and Baila released a number of mix CDs and we're very happy to finally have an online mix from the man himself. This mix is a taster of Friday nights in Baila Coffee and Vinyl, a dope independent bar in Swindon.

Baila spins in the bar every Friday night and once a month they get some big names spinning funk, soul, jazz and more all on original 45s. Enjoy this taste of what goes down in the South West!





  1. Ill Boogs - On The Rocks
  2. Bunny Wailer - Back To School
  3. Nite Lighters - Down and Dirty
  4. Matata - I Feel Funky
  5. Rene Maccoll - I do the best I can
  6. Joe Quaterman - Get Down Baby
  7. Boogaloo Assassins - No No No
  8. Nico Gomez - Baila Chibiquiban
  9. The Showmen Inc. - The Tramp (From Funky Broadway)
  10. Al Hirt - Honey Pot
  11. Oneness of Juju - Every Way But Loose
  12. Tuxedo with Zapp - Shy
  13. Flowchart - Ask The Boss
  14. Gang do Tagarela - Rappers Delight (instrumental)
  15. BBS - Soulful Groove
  16. Concept - No Escape From Love
  17. A C Read - Boogalo Tramp
  18. Betty Harris - Ride Your Pony
  19. Evil Ways - Evil ways
  20. Marva Whitney - I'm Tired
  21. Chris Clarke - Put Yourself In My Place
  22. Johnny Williams - Breakin Point
  23. Willie Bobo - Always There
  24. Y Gershovsky - Disco Baby
  25. The Dynamic 7 - Squeeze Me
  26. Jeff Dale - A Suffering Pain
  27. Eddie Simpson - Big Black Funky Slave
  28. Tony Galla - In Love

Skeme Richards - The Rhythm Machine Mix

This is one of our guest mix shows and we've finally got a mix from the legendary Skeme Richards from the Rock Steady Crew.

We've been in touch with Skeme for over 5 years and have talked about this for a while, but he's a busy man, criss crossing the globe to spin wax takes up a lot of time!

True to his word tho, this is a deep mix that starts of with some heavy new releases and then goes into deeper cuts for the second half. A stack of wax, one take, just how we like it! We hope you do too! ENJOY!

Check Skeme Richards out at...



  1. The Daktaris - Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
  3. Delmar Lamarr Organ Trio - Concussion
  4. Scone Cash Players - Year of the Rooster
  5. The True Lovers - The Dirty
  6. Magic in Threes - Finnish Funk
  7. Estrada Orchestra - Pulsar
  8. Great Revivers - Tuturu
  9. The Blassics - Attunement
  10. Gillespie & Co. - Funky Ghett
  11. Mancefield & Brother Man Band - Brotherman
  12. Black Communicators - The Road
  13. The Rhythm Machine - The Kick
  14. The Propositions - Africana
  15. Eddie Bo - Can You Handle It
  16. Rickey Calloway - Tell Me
  17. Copeland Davis - Morning Spring
  18. Color Climax - Crabwalk

MARCH 2018

The March 2018 edition of our "new music" show where Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve sift through the latest piles of wax to bring you the best new releases and re-issues from recent weeks.

This is the Breakin Bread selection of the best Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco beats and more. Carefully selected to make sure this is the best stuff out there right now. ENJOY!



  1. The Herbaliser - Breach
  2. Venom - Mile 187
  3. The King Rooster - Back Chattin
  4. Kool & Together - Nassau Beat
  5. Paul Ramos - Fence Walk
  6. Hot Cakes - Harlem Shuffle Theme
  7. Peter Croce - Sprit Dance (Edit)
  8. Class Action - Weekend (Disco Bits Edit)
  9. Pooky - Flippin' At The Disco
  10. COEO - Cabrio Mango
  11. Choker Campbell - Carioca (Mark Grusane Edit)
  12. Mel-O-Madnezz - What You Getting High On
  13. Mr K - Give It Up (Edit)
  14. Honey Sauce Band - Boy Toy
  15. Cut Chemist - Work My Mind (feat Chali 2na & Hymnal)
  16. Dabrye - Lil Mufukuz (feat DOOM)
  17. Czarface & MF Doom - Bomb Thrown
  18. Coops - That Jazz
  19. Jungle Brown - Time Ticks
  20. Your Old Droog - Listen (Jonwayne Remix)
  21. Evidence - To Make A Long Story Longer (feat. Jonwayne)
  22. Betty Harris - Mean Man (Nola Breaks Edit)
  23. Magnum - Evolution
  24. Prescription Pricing Authority - 1-2-1
  25. Mandingo Boogie - DJ Evo
  26. Blue Lab Beats - Pineapple (feat. Moses Boyd & Nerija)
  27. Oumou Sangare - Yere Faga (Natureboy Flako Remix)
  28. Ezra Collective - Pure Shade
  29. Gay Poppers - I Want To Know
  30. Bobby Jones - Welcome Back A Foolish Man
  31. Showbiz - I'ma Ride (feat. AG)
  32. Tall Black Guy - Franklin Black
  33. Hot Bath - You Betcha
  34. Martin Hayes - Tiff (Edit)

BLACK GOLD mix - DJ d.b.h

At the time of the Winter Olympics our man from the Tyrol mountains in Austria, DJ d. b. h takes the gold medal for a superb selection of rare 45s on wax.

Taking in Soul and Funk the mix starts off slow and grows in tempo like a skier picking up speed on his final run before heading off for Apres Ski. The second part of the mix is a more relaxed affair so you can imagine yourself sharing a glass of Gluhwein with your loved one whilst watching the snow fall outside.

All in all a quality mix of quality wax. ENJOY!



  1. Intro
  2. Los Holy's - Reunion Psicodélica (Cissy Strut)
  3. Obrey Wilson -Headman
  4. Tommy Turner - Lady
  5. Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists - Detroit
  6. James Brown In The Middle, Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
  7. Ruby Andrews - Everybody Saw You
  8. Bobby Bland - Shoes
  9. The Delacardos - She's The One I Love
  10. Abu El Mot - Rattelsnake's
  11. The T. S. U. Toronadoes - Getting The Corners
  12. Grover Mitchell - That's A Good Idea
  13. The Fantastic Johnny C - Hitch It To The Horse
  14. Fadoul - Bsslama Habiti
  15. Dick Dale - Surf Beat
  16. Los Holy's - Hawaii Cinco-O
  17. The Trends - Get Something Going
  18. Reginal Day - My Girl Jean
  19. Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love
  20. Carlton Jumel Smith - I Can't Love You Anymore
  21. Al Green - Strong As Death (Sweet As Love)
  22. Dalton - Soul Brother
  23. Sly 5th Ave & The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe

VINTAGE RnB More Popcorn! More Soul! - DJ Skeg

Skeg digs further into his Vintage RnB collection focusing on the Popcorn sound that gave birth to a whole scene in Belgium. Focusing on the deeper and slower popcorn soul sound, this is the root of modern RnB, Soul, Hip Hop as well as funk and soul from the 70's. Deep, raw and beautiful sounds...we hope you enjoy!



  1. Barbara English - Fever
  2. Jimmy Ricks - Oh What A Feeling
  3. Byrdie Green - Tremblin'
  4. Esther Phillips - Just Say Goodbye
  5. Sylvia Mora - Taboo
  6. Al Brown & His Tunetoppers - Sweet Little Love
  7. Cleo Jones - Why Don't You Do Right
  8. Roy Brown - Slow Down Little Eva
  9. Billy Red Love - A Dream
  10. Leo Quica - Caliente
  11. The Revels - Comanche
  12. Ko Ko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle
  13. Mick Dodd - Too Much Rosita
  14. Harvey - Any You Wanta
  15. Big Buddy Lucas - I Can't Go
  16. Vernon Green & The Medallions - A Lovers Prayer
  17. Johnny Guitar Watson - Wait A Minute Baby
  18. King Coleman - Down In The Basement
  19. The Coasters - Three Cool Cats
  20. Gino Parks - For This I Thank You
  21. Little Esther - It Aint What You Say Its What You Do
  22. Annie Whitaker - Ive Got A Man
  23. Helen Troy - I Think I Love You
  24. Johnny Watson - I Say I Love You
  25. Leslie Podkin - You Wont Need No Money
  26. Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack
  27. Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle
  28. The Wailers - Mashi
  29. Charles Blackwell & His Orchestra - Taboo
  30. Ronnie Ray - Swinging Drums
  31. Little Caeser - Fever
  32. Sandra Meade - Fever

DJ MONEYSHOT - Dollar Dollar Bin Y'All!

We're more than happy to welcome DJ Moneyshot from The Allergies back into the guest mix seat.

This man has got the skills to pay the bills and then some and this time round he's gone off piste to select killer hour of breaks, funk, soul and disco, from artists far more known for their pop cheese than their dope sample fodder.

Expect Dolly Parton gettin' funky, Barry Manilow strutting it up, tough drums from ABBA, dancefloor soul from a pre-Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas, and the illlest percussion break from just Good Friends TV star, Paul Nicholas.

To put together a mix like this shows serious digging skills. Its not hard to find Pound Shop funk and charity shop breaks but it is hard to find dope ones! Going out to all those digging in the charity shop bargain bins, you'll be knocked out with this one. "Dollar dollar bin, y'all!"



  1. The Eagles - Funky New Year
  2. Three Dog Night - I Can Hear You Calling
  3. Manfred Mann - One Way Glass
  4. Everly Brothers - Gone, Gone, Gone
  5. The Small Faces - Rollin' Over
  6. Shirley Bassey - Jezahel
  7. Liberace - Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
  8. Percy Faith - Chompin'
  9. The Scaffold - Theme from The Liverbirds
  10. Mike Berry - Dial My Number
  11. The McCoys - Fever
  12. Twiggy - Lover Boy
  13. ABBA - Hey Hey Helen
  14. Dolly Parton - Gettin' Happy
  15. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass - Treasure of San Miguel
  16. The Brady Bunch - Drummer Man
  17. Ted Nugent - Good Friends And A Bottle Of Wine
  18. J. Geils Band - Flamethrower
  19. Marti Cane - Can I Speak to the World Please
  20. Gene Pitney - She's a Heartbreaker
  21. Supertramp - Cannonball
  22. Carl Douglas - Something for Nothing
  23. Paul Nicholas - Run Shaker Life
  24. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Hoedown
  25. Cila Black - Aquarius
  26. Vic Flick - One Two, Buckle My Shoe
  27. Barry Manilow - Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed
  28. Lulu - Show Me
  29. Sammy Davis Jnr - Up Up and Away
  30. Chubby Checker - Gypsy
  31. The Beach Boys - It's About Time

BEST OF 2017

Steve The Sleeve and Skeg get together for their favourite show of the year. The boys sift thru the best vinyl new releases and re-issues to bring you the cream of the 2017 crop.

The show culminates in the Breakin Bread picks for best releases of the year. This is the best of the best of the best, we hope you enjoy!



  1. Thes One & DJ Day - Anonymous Call
  2. Store Elliott - The Summer Love Song
  3. Whoarei - Feel Like Making Love Pt.2
  4. Louis Jordan - Run Joe (Paul Nice Reflip)
  5. Kutiman - Shine Again
  6. Nebraska - Instant Pressure
  7. Bosq feat. Nicole Willis - Take Me There
  8. Papas Got - I Wanna Love (Al Kent Edit)
  9. Mr K - Street Life (Edit)
  10. Disco Bits - House Of Music (Soca Boat Edit)
  11. Maurice Moore - Everything That Shines Ain't Gold
  12. Lady Wray - Underneath My Feet
  13. Lance Ferguson feat Kylie Auldist - Somebody To Hold
  14. Richards People - Yo Yo
  15. Jorun Bombay - I Got My Bells Made Up
  16. DJ Format - Behind The Scenes
  17. DJ Shadow feat Nas - Systematic
  18. Chinese Man & The Trickaz - Operaz
  19. Your Old Droog feat Hems - Bangladesh
  20. Fabreeze Brothers - Heroes Of The East (Original Mix)
  21. Kamasi Washington - Integrity
  22. Youssef Kamaal - Lowrider
  23. Mr Jukes feat Charles Bradley - Grant Green
  24. Byrdie Green - Tremblin
  25. Jeanie Allen - I Really Love You
  26. Francis Faye - Night and Day
  27. Camille Howard - Nasty Man
  28. Sunny & The Sunliners - Should I Take You Home
  29. Mohawkestra - Heart Full Of Soul
  30. El Michels Affair - Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin To Fuck Wit
  31. Showbiz & AG - Take It Back
  32. Mr Thing & Michael Parknsun - The Raw
  33. Third Root - Soul Force
  34. Masterpiece - Love Affair
  35. Children of Zeus - Crown

SOUL SCORCHERS - Steeve The Sleeve

Steve The Sleeve is a sucker for a soul vocal so we asked him to put together a mix of his all time favourites... and, behold, Steve The Sleeve's Soul Scorchers was born!

Back-to-back, wall-to-wall solid-gold soul vocal floor-fillers that have been tried and tested on Breakin Bread dance floors over the last 19 years. Dancing shoes at the ready... ENJOY!




WIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE - Words and Music Special

Skeg invites Andrew Emery aka Drew Huge into the BB studio to discuss Andrew's new book Wiggaz with Attitude. The boys chat about growing up as a hip hop fan in the 80's, how hip hop changed their lives and play some tunes related to that era.

Andrew Emery says "...the tracks Skeg and I chose really are the soundtrack to much of my life and the lifeblood of the book - new sounds like nothing that had come before, that turned me from pop music and metal to a life dominated by hip-hop. The book aims to capture my joy at hearing this stuff as an 11-year-old.




  1. Ramelzee vs K Rob - Beat Bop
  2. Papa Austin feat The Great Peso - Wrong Girls To Play With (Dub)
  3. The Knights Of The Turntables - Fresh Mess
  4. LA Dream Team - Rockberry Jam
  5. Seville feat Jazzy Jay - Take A Walk
  6. Great Peso & Mr Nasty - Its Time To Rock
  7. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show
  8. Stetsaonic - Just Say Stet
  9. Original Concept - Ca You Feel It
  10. T La Rock - Back To Burn
  11. Public Enemy - You Gonna Get Yours
  12. Young Black Teenagers - Tap The Bottle
  13. 3rd Bass - Steppin To The AM
  14. Old World Disorder feat Eminem - 3hreesixfive
  15. Seeborn & Puma - They Call Me Puma
  16. Greenpeace & DJ Yoda - Jews Paid Intro
  17. Beyond There feat Mr Complex - Do It Up
  18. London Posse - Pass The Rizal
  19. Blade - Rough It Up
  20. Cappo & The P Brothers - Learn To Be Strong
  21. Emmanuel feat Braintax - Lets Go Away
  22. PA Posse - Drinking Tea With The Lads
  23. Caveman - Victory
  24. London Posse - Jump Around

LIBRARY MIX 2017 - Paul T & Retronic

Paul T and Retronic met in the legendary Dog & Trumpet pub in Coventry and discovered they both had a love of Library Music. Here Paul T digs deep with Retronic and his incredible collection for the first Breakin Bread library mix for in 3 years.

Music to fit every occasion from obscure musicians who never expected their creations to become objects of desire for the more discerning record collector. This is how we get deep! ENJOY!



  1. Men Of Vision - Colours (Bosworth)
  2. Keith Mansfield - Hot Property (KPM)
  3. Derek Austin - Reflections In The Rain (Programme Music)
  4. Dave Richmond - Confunktion (KPM)
  5. Paul Kass - Hammer Man/ (De Wolfe)
  6. James Clarke - The Heavies (Themes International)
  7. Pierre Avary Orchestra - Laughing Violins (De Wolfe)
  8. Paul Dupont - Rainbow Bridge (Chappell)
  9. Alan Hawkshaw - Soft Throttle (Bruton)
  10. Threshold - Oats and Barley (Standard Music Library)
  11. Sam Fonteyn - Bug In Rug (Boosey and Hawkes)
  12. Brian Bennett - The Unknown (Themes International)
  13. John Fiddy - Industrial Menace (Sonoton)
  14. Steve Gray - Pulp (KPM)
  15. Mike Vickers - Curve Of The Wind (Standard Music Library)
  16. Roland Kovac - Love Training (Selected Sound)
  17. John Cameron - Computology (KPM)
  18. David Lindup - The Aggressors (Themes International)
  19. Trevor Duncan - Funkrund (Boosey And Hawkes)
  20. Mladen Franken - Heavy (Sonoton)
  21. Jean Bouchety - Taking Off (KPM)


Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to bring you the freshest new sounds on wax. New releases and re-issues from the last couple of months, sifted and selected by the Breakin Bread crew to bring you the best of Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop beats and more. This is the best of the best, ENJOY!



  1. Plenty Herbs - Errbody Disco (Razor n Tape Edit)
  2. Norman Connors - Captain Connors (12" version)
  3. Disco Bits - Night Freak (Edit)
  4. Anubis - Ecology
  5. Lance Ferguson - Spiral
  6. Richard's People - Yo Yo
  7. The Rhythm Snipers - B-Boy Champions Medley
  8. Hot Wheels - The Chase (Heavyweight Funk Edit)
  9. Sunny & The Sunliners - Should I Take You Home
  10. Kylie Auldist - Somebody To Hold
  11. Cisneros & Garza Group - I'm A Man
  12. Masterpiece - Love Affair
  13. Claude & Hank Carbo - Fox In A Mini Skirt
  14. Third Root - Soul Force
  15. Son of Sam - Put It On Ya (feat Soundsci & Mr Thing)
  16. The Rampagers - You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet
  17. Jungle Brown - Day To Day (Tone Tuoro Remix)
  18. Action Bronson ft Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger - Hot Pepper
  19. LTK - Knuckle Up
  20. Baby Jane & The Rockabyes - My Boy John
  21. Dav Kipp - Yeah My Baby Loves You
  22. Camille Howard - Rock With Me
  23. Birdie Green - Tremblin
  24. Kamasi Washington - Integrity
  25. Everything Is Recorded - Close But Not Quite
  26. Disco Bits - Lets Get Down In A Funky Lifetime
  27. The Reflex - Ansun
  28. Jacques Renault - Cold Blooded
  29. Nick The Record - Recognition
  30. The Doris Strings - Gone With The Wind
  31. Rita & The Tiaras - Gone With The Wind Is My Love
  32. The Tandels - Is It Love Baby?
  33. The Chequerboard Squares -
  34. Mr Jukes ft. Charles Bradley - Grant Green
  35. Virgil Howe & Shawn Lee - Electronic Brain Break

The SOUL Stack

Here's the first soul show we've put together in a while and Skeg has dug deep into his crates to select his favourite soul purchases in recent years.

From ballads to northern to funk via gospel with a bit of disco this show takes in the whole soul spectrum. Soul that is good for your soul! Enjoy!



  1. Moments - Sexy Mama
  2. Lifeforce - The Freeze
  3. Inell Young - I Remember The Summer
  4. De Roberts and The Half Truths - The Joy
  5. The Softiques - Two Kinds Of Boys
  6. Wee - Try Me
  7. Barbara Lynn - Nice And Easy
  8. Darrell Banks - Im Knocking At Your Heart
  9. Richard Brown - Don't Listen To The Grapevine
  10. Shirley Ellis - The Nitty Gritty
  11. Buddy Ace - What Can I Do
  12. Allspice - Slipped Away
  13. The Sidewinders - I Like Your Stuff
  14. Dillard Crumb & The Soul Rockers - Let A Woman Be A Woman
  15. Camille "Lil" Bob - Stop!
  16. The Vontastics - Let Me Down Easy
  17. Jo Stance - Hey Girl!
  18. Sidney Barnes & Speedometer - I Could Only Be Sure
  19. Claude Huey - Why Would You Blow It
  20. We The People - Breakdown
  21. Charles Mintz - Running Back
  22. Walter Wilson - Love Keeps Me Crying
  23. Gloria Barnes - You Don't Mean It
  24. Monica - Hold On I'm Coming
  25. New World - We're Gonna Make It
  26. Little Willie Johnson - Loneliness
  27. The Greene Sisters - Its A Beautiful World (Moton Edit)
  28. Melba Moore - Magic Touch

New Disco Disco Bits

DJ SKEG showcases the Disco Bits take on the new disco sound. Proper Disco Vibes for late night dance floors!



Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together again to bring you the freshest new sounds out there on wax. We do these shows every couple of months and the boys sift thru the best new releases and re-issues to bring you the cream of the crop.

Soul, funk, jazz, disco, beats, breaks and more, the boys have gone thru everything to bring you the best of the best, ENJOY!



  1. Restless Leg Syndrome - Alta
  2. El Michels Affair - Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta F' Wit
  3. Jorun Bombay - I Got My Bells Made Up
  4. Thes One & DJ Day - Anonymous Call
  5. Whoarei - Feel Like Making Love Pt.2
  6. Co. Fee - La Burrita de Eliseo
  7. Mr K - Street Life (Edit)
  8. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Love Is Always On Your Mind
  9. Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me
  10. Y Gershovsky - Disco Baby (FP RG Edit)
  11. Zebra - Simple Song
  12. Maurice Moore - Everything That Shines Ain't Gold
  13. Eric Boss - Closer To The Spirit (Part 1)
  14. Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul (Part 2)
  15. Mohawkestra - Heart Full Of Soul
  16. Temple Funk Collective - Game Of Thrones (Aldo Vanucci Edit)
  17. Cisneros and Garza Group - I'm A Man
  18. The Heliocentrics - Square Wave
  19. Alemayehu Eshete - Alteleyeshegnem
  20. Jehst - Eulogy
  21. Mr. Thing & Micall Parkinson - The Raw
  22. Showbiz & A.G. - Take It Back
  23. Snoop Dogg ft Redman, Method Man & B-Real - Mount Kushmore
  24. Unknown - For Heathens Sake (Record Mission Edit)
  25. Soca Boat - House Of Music (Disco Bits Edit)
  26. A desse Versions - Sistem
  27. Rafael Cameron - Boogie's Gonna Get Ya
  28. Al Kent - Victorious (Gamm Edit)
  29. The James L'Estraunge Orchestra - Groovin' You
  30. Anubis - Ecology
  31. Linda Jones - I Just Cant Live My Life
  32. Inell Young - What Do You See In Her


DJ Hudson always delivers the goods and this mix is no different. However, what is different here is that you don't hear many mixes taking in this era of hip hop. This is pre "golden-age" but not quite old enough for old school and an era that is often ignored.

This is what we're calling the Flava Era, early 90's Bizness from both the US and the UK From hip hop to street soul via high top fades, Dance Energy and some slightly dodgy attire, The Flava Era was dope!

For those that were there then, enjoy the reminiscing. For the younger crew this is what we did back in the day!!

  • Instagram @djhudson
  • Twitter @maxtoilet


  1. Request The Style - Top Cat
  2. Never Never Land - UMCs
  3. Nod Your Head To This - Kings Of Swing
  4. Runs In The Fam-Lee - Fam-Lee
  5. Keep On Walking - Ce Ce Peniston
  6. I Got a Man - Postive K
  7. Toss It Up - Zhigge
  8. That's How We Move It (Remix) - Grand Puba
  9. The Sky's The Limit - Nice and Smooth
  10. Back To Cause Mayhem - Caveman
  11. U Never Know A Good Thing Until You Lose It - Dream Warriors
  12. Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Remix) - Main Source
  13. I Shouldn't Have Done It - Slick Rick
  14. Go On Girl - Roxanne Shante
  15. Just Call Me (Smooth Club Mix) - The Good Girls
  16. Movement - SL Troopers
  17. Naturally - Top Ballin
  18. I'm Large - Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip
  19. The Rhymthologist - Jamose
  20. Court Is Now In Session - Chill Rob G
  21. Latifah's Had It Up 2 Here - Queen Latifah
  22. Ghetto Heaven (Remix) - Family Stand
  23. Daddy - ADL
  24. Sad and Blue - Funkmaster Flex
  25. Pork (Instrumental) - Pharcyde
  26. Hip Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix) - Naughty By Nature
  27. The Rhythm - Kwame The Boy Genius
  28. Anything (Old Skool Mix) - SWV ft Wu Tang Clan
  29. Don't Be A Fool - Loose Ends
  30. I Should've Known Better - Mica Paris


It's that time of year and here's our annual show to play on your hols or at your BBQ.

Soul, Funk and Disco with those summer vibes to keep you grooving all night long. Whether you're by a pool, chilling in the park or just soaking up some sun, these are our Summer Party Grooves. Enjoy and party on!



  1. Ms Janette - One Night
  2. The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money
  3. Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz
  4. James Brown - It's Too Funky In Here
  5. Hebrew Soul - Can't Buy Soul
  6. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Dance Voyage (Original Mix)
  7. Ted Taylor - Ghetto Disco (Norman Jay Edit)
  8. Earth wind & Fire - Getaway
  9. Esther Williams - It Feels Real Good
  10. The Jimmy Castor Bunch feat. The Everything Man - A Groove Will Make You Move
  11. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Get Down (Get Funky)
  12. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Stay (Frankee More Edit)
  13. Dr. Packer - All Night Boogie (Original Mix)
  14. Joan Bibiloni - The Boogie (Ray Mang Edit)
  15. Rosetta Hightower - Rocking Chair (Dj XS Edit)
  16. Rick James - Give It To Me Baby
  17. Deodato - Keep It In The Family


Skeg gets together with Deejay Kingpin from B-Side Vinyl for a diggin session into lesser known but dope tracks. The boys pull out soul, funk, beats and hip hop from the seventies to the noughties.

These are the lesser known gems that deserve more play!

Follow DJ Kingpin on

Unfortunately the B-Side Vinyl stall in the Brick Lane Market has shut down but it will re-emerge soon in a new venue.



  1. Joe Pass - A Time For Us
  2. Didier's Sound Spectrum - Sound Spectrum
  3. Frankie Newsmen - Don't Mess With My Lovemaker
  4. Ray Barretto - Hard Hands
  5. Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff
  6. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Willing
  7. Roy Ayers - Chicago
  8. Paul Hunter - Pauls Pal
  9. DJ Krush - Kemuri
  10. Young Disciples - All I Have In Me (Musiquarium Remix)
  11. Rae & Christian - Spellbound (Old English Mix)
  12. Ballistic Brothers - Hustler
  13. Ballistic Brothers - And It Goes Like This
  14. DJ Smash - Huh
  15. Marden Hill - Come On (Super Pimp Mix)
  16. New Master Sounds - One Note Brown
  17. The Fantastic Souls - Soul To The People Part 2
  18. Aquarian Dream - You're A Star
  19. Sylvia Striplin - Searchin
  20. Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You
  21. Samuel Purdy - Whatever I Do
  22. Sweet Charles - Yes Its You
  23. Oydessy - Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
  24. Guru - No Time To Play
  25. Gang Starr - Jazz Thing
  26. Method Man - Release You Def (Prodigy Mix)
  27. Nightmares On Wax - 70's 80's

JAZZMAN - Digging Session Special

This is a special digging session as Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve take the show on the road to visit Gerald at Jazzman Records.

The boys get him to dig out some weird and wonderful records and Gerald plays soul, funk, jazz, vintage RnB and more. One of the deepest shows we've ever broadcast! Proper collectors business!

Check out more on jazzman at:



  1. Sparrows Troubadours - Soulful Strut
  2. Mickie Yoshino - Get Wild
  3. Billy Reed - Let Your Hair Down Baby
  4. Betty Sampar & Donnie Elbert Band - A Love I Believe In
  5. The Message - Couldn't Get A Name
  6. The Firebolts - Everybody Party (Get Down)
  7. The Vandales - Feeling Freaky Pt. 1
  8. Oluko Imo - Praise Jah (Psalm 150)
  9. Coleus - Wonder Why
  10. The Chosen Few - Birth of a Playboy
  11. Burning Star - Trip Horns
  12. Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - Take My Love
  13. Deltones - Lil Red Monkey
  14. Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Nadusilma
  15. Aleksandr Zatsepin - Tanets Shamana
  16. The Ceyleib People - Changes
  17. Rock Workshop - I Think It's
  18. Ash Walker - Train Wreck
  19. Dennis Coffey - Outrageous
  20. Mickey & The Soul Generation - Give Everybody Some
  21. Johnny Harris - Ripsaw
  22. Carl Newman - Tom Tom
  23. The Genteels - Take It Off
  24. Fantastic Virtues - Tequila
  25. Isidro (Chico) Misquez - House Of Lords
  26. Tommie Jeannie Whitley - Leave My Heart
  27. Minor Muraoka - The Positive & The Negative
  28. Takeo Moriyama - Watarase
  29. Muhammads Mosque No 26 - A White Man's Heaven Is A Black Man's Hell
  30. The Emperor - Tough De Times

MAY 2017

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for a new music show to celebrate the best new releases and represses on wax.

The boys have sifted through stacks of promos and recent releases to select the finest soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, disco, beats and vintage RnB from the last couple of months. This is the cream of the crop! Enjoy!



  1. Abdelrahman "Abdo" Elkhatib - Ah Ya Zen
  2. Mor Thiam - Africa
  3. Dennis & The Menaces - Drumble
  4. Lady Wray - Underneath My Feet
  5. Hard Drivers - Since I Was A Little Girl
  6. Kutiman - Sefi Ramirez
  7. Bunker Hill - Red Ridin Hood & The Wolf
  8. Ella Fitzgerald - These Boots Are Made For Walking
  9. Muguette - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
  10. Errol Garner - Watermelon Man
  11. Doris Duke - The Feeling Is Right
  12. Richard Groove Holmes - I Can't Stop Dancing
  13. Don Gardner - Tighten Up Your Love Thing
  14. Ray Barretto - Right On
  15. Bob Marshall & The A/Cs - Funky Fox
  16. J Rocc - Break Yo Self (Breakbeat Lou Tribute)
  17. J Rocc - The Funky Pres Mix (Part 1&2)
  18. Jorun Bombay - It's Still Great To Be Here
  19. Papa's Got - I Wanna Love (Al Kent Edit)
  20. Sauce 81 - Dance Tonight
  21. Bosq feat. Nicole Willis - Take Me There
  22. DJ Shadow feat. Nas - Systematic
  23. Bocawoody feat. BluRum13 - At It Again
  24. DJ Format - Behind The Scenes
  25. Nebraska - Instant Pressure
  26. Ralph McDonald - Jam On The Groove (Danny Krivit Edit)
  27. Sun Palace - Rude Movements
  28. S.Johnson - Red Hot Mama
  29. Johnny Davis - Wine Drinker
  30. Elmore James - Madison Blues
  31. Buddy Ace - Screaming Please
  32. Jukka Eskola Soul Trio - Introducing The Soul Trio
  33. AG & John Robinson - Jazz's Cousin


Disco Bits bring in DJ Skeg from the Breakin Bread Crew for a guest mix to showcase the Disco Bits sound.

Skeg takes us into Deep Disco Edits territory with a vinyl only mix of edits released in recent years. Starting off nice n slow and building the tempo into the Disco Bits sound aimed straight at late night dancefloors.

This is the real deepness with edits taking dope tracks into a higher plane. ENJOY!



  • Nice n Slow (Supreme Edit) Lil Louis & The World
  • Slip Away (Supreme Edit) Pat Metheny Group
  • Saturday Night (Beatconductors Rework) Herbie Hancock
  • The Stranger (Edit) C Henry Woods Troupe
  • I Like The Way You Do It (Tom Noble Edit) The Loni Gamble Band
  • Berro E Sombarro (Shotgun Edit) Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
  • Bra (Disco Dub) Cymande
  • Modernization 7 Samurai
  • So Hard To Find (Kenny Dope Edit) Pizazz
  • Love Me Love Me (Disco Bits Disco Edit) Disco Dave
  • Latin Freak (Kenny Dope Edit) 7 Miles Per Hour Band
  • To The Sun (Remix) Natural Self
  • Noemas Tribute Ata Kak


Another in our series of shows where Skeg digs into the lesser visited crates from his vast record collection.

This is the deep stuff that doesn't normally get played out. Dope stuff but not dance floor stuff.

All styles all smiles as Skeg moves from genre to genre and covers all bases from soul to funk to hip hop via disco, vintage RnB, northern, tropical, exotica and more. We love diggin in the crates and we hope you do too! ENJOY!



  1. Tony Joe White - Ive Got A Thing About You Baby
  2. Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett - Don't Look Any Further
  3. Mtume - Juicy Fruit
  4. Diamond D - Best Kept Secret (feat Fat Joe, Whiz One, Bonita & La Reese)
  5. Scot-Say-Zee - Braggin and Boasting
  6. Aka - Shake Me
  7. Movie, JJ & ROB - Beverly
  8. Taxie - Rock Dont Stop
  9. Ben - I Would Have To Be A Fool
  10. The Strikers - Body Music
  11. Gil Scott Heron - The Bottle (J Boogie, Bloodier & Kenny Dope Edit)
  12. Montana Sextet - Who Needs Enemies (Bill Shakes Edit)
  13. Kon - All Night (Everybody)
  14. Double Trouble - Double Trouble (EDIT)
  15. Raekwon - Spot Rusherz
  16. P Brothers feat Milano - Digital B-Boy
  17. Funky 4 + 1 - Do You Want To Rock
  18. Maze & Frankie Beverly - Before I Let Go
  19. Politicians - Free Your Mind
  20. Gazelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos - The Time Is Right For Love (45 Swing-O Edit)
  21. Ann Sexton - Sugar Daddy
  22. Jo Stance - Sticky
  23. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - You Got Me Moonwalking
  24. Steve Mancha - Friday Night
  25. Etta James - Tell Mama
  26. Irma Thomas - Don't Mess With My Man
  27. Juanita Nixon - Stop Knockin'
  28. Otis Rush - Homework
  29. David Michael & Corale - Wow!
  30. Hank Levine & His Orchestra - Image Part 1
  31. Little Francisco Greaves - Moving Grooving
  32. Victor Green - Creole Girl
  33. Danny Cobb - My Isabella
  34. Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller
  35. Sherri Taylor - He's The One That Rings My Bell
  36. Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit

Music For Open Minded B-Boys Vol 2 - Oonops & Skeg

Oonops comes in for another guest mix and combines forces with Skeg to spin some tunes for the b-boys and girls. But they're not playing your well known breaks and beats, these are lesser known tunes that will rock the circles.

Tunes with beats of the right tempo, breaks with the right rhythms and grooves with the right groove. As Oonops says "...breaks for expressive and open minded b-boys and fly girls with some hot classics, edits and more..."

All vinyl, all dope, all good!


Oonops profiles:



  1. Eddie Warner - Devils Anvil
  2. DJ Zeph - Bongo Fury
  3. DJ Zeph - Bronx Zulu
  4. The Budos Band - Budos Rising
  5. Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - The Claydon Break
  7. Supersci featuring Remedeeh - Get!
  8. US3 featuring Tukka Yoot - Riddim (7" Radio Edit)
  9. Pat Van Dyke - Break
  10. KMD meet Dr. Octagon - Blue Peachfuzz (Oonops Re-Spidered)
  11. Candido - Soulwango
  12. Lantei - Fish & Funjee (Komi Ke Kenam)
  13. Prao-D & Boogie B - Breaks Seminar (Part 6)
  14. King Bee - Money Gone (Smoove Remix)
  15. Aim - Downstate
  16. Roy Budd - Avarice
  17. Melvin Sparks featuring Jimmy Scott - Get Down With The Get Down
  18. Mr Chop - The Infinity Machine
  19. Virgil Howe & Shawn Lee - Electronic Brain Break
  20. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)
  21. DJ Format - Spaceship Earth (feat Edan)

MARCH 2017

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to sift out the best new releases from the last couple of months. The boys scour the best labels, promo lists and shops to give you the best new releases and re-issues in soul, funk, disco, hip hop and related genres.

We love putting these shows together and hope you do too! Enjoy!



  1. El Michels Affair - Tearz feat Lee Fields & The Shacks
  2. Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man Theme
  3. Mohawkestra - I Feel Free
  4. Tomorrow's People - Hurt Perversion
  5. Uptown Syndicate - Bloated
  6. Jungle Fire - N.U.S.A.U.
  7. The Fabreeze Brothers feat Paten Locke - Heroes Of The East (Original Mix)
  8. DJ Format - Diamond Hammer
  9. Kraft Kuts & Chali 2na - Hands High
  10. DJ Platurn feat E Da Boss - Lie To Kick It
  11. Eric Lau - Harmonics
  12. Tha 4orce - Timeless
  13. Stro Elliot - The Summer Love Song
  14. Iris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - Tionge Ya Ta'ba
  15. Gordon Henderson & U-Convention - Hard World
  16. Discotron - Slicker Than Your Average
  17. The Sunshine Band - Black Water Gold (Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit)
  18. Yussef Kamal - Lowrider
  19. Jesse Gould - Out of Work
  20. The Coasters - Crazy Baby
  21. The Mighty Sceptres - Shy as a Butterfly (Kenny Dope Mix)
  22. Etta James -Every Night
  23. Sir Guy- Let Home Cross Your Mind
  24. Frazelle - Today Is The Day
  25. BAB - Party & Get On Down
  26. Disco Dave - Love Me Love Me (Breaks Edit)
  27. Chris Read & Pug Atomz - Baby Don't Cry
  28. Your Old Droog - Bangladesh
  29. Micall Parkinson feat. Jehst - Tag Team
  30. Run The Jewels - Legend Has It
  31. Children of Zeus - Crown
  32. Harleighblu x Starkiller - Save Me
  33. Jack Le Funk - The Disco Ride
  34. Gloria Barnes - She Wants A Stand In

B Boy Breaks Feb 17 with DJ Credit 1

A special show focusing on b-boy breaks. B-Boy DJ extraordinaire DJ Credit 1 comes in for a guest mix and delivers a superb tight mix of beats and grooves for the b-boys and b-girls. All vinyl, all double copies, all good!




  1. DJ Woodoo & J Loop - How To Cook A Break
  2. Color Climax - Crossfire
  3. Color Climax - Crabwalk
  5. DJ Serious - The Battle
  6. Credit 1 intro - Oh My God/Marley Marl Scratch/I'm still No1
  7. Tito Puente - Hit the bongo
  8. Nicole Willis & Soul Investigators - Holding On
  9. Idrus Muhammad - Hard to face the music
  10. Volcano Kpache - Ohh Wee
  11. East of Eden - Jig a Jig
  12. The Fantastic Souls - Soul to the people
  13. Nicole Willis - Let's Communicate
  14. Jungle Fire - Comencemos
  15. Sound Combo - Space Jogging
  16. Ray & his Court - Soul Freedom
  17. Titanic - Macumba
  18. 21 Guitar - Scorpio
  19. Sound Effects - Scorpio
  20. Rhythm Addicts - Scorpio
  21. Avant House Band - Scorpio
  22. Smoke - There it is
  23. Monsters - Funky Saga
  24. RPM - Riot
  25. Chucky Williams - Bogger Bear

BREADUCATION Vol 3 - DJ Moneyshot

Another dope mix from our man DJ Moneyshot. He's got the skills to pay the bills and the platters that matter and he's delivered another dope mix for us. The mix is perfect for BB with a blend of beats, rhymes, baselines and a sprinkling of soul, funk and disco! We love his mixes and hope you do too!



  1. Justin Warfield - Cool Like the Blues
  2. Ras Kass - Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix)
  3. The Goats - Wrong Pot to Piss In
  4. Boca 45 - Ultra!
  5. Red Astaire - No Mo'
  6. Masta Ace - Go Where I Send Thee
  7. Unknown - Was It I?
  8. Mandingo - Black Rite
  9. Jazz Spastiks - Woofers and Tweeters
  10. Edan - Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
  11. Coldcut - Beats and Pieces
  12. The Exciters - Alone in This World
  13. Meters - Hand Clapping Song (Remix)
  14. Soundsci - The Ultimate (Ollie Teeba's DrillaKilla Remix)
  15. Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah
  16. The Allergies - Heartbreaker
  17. Redman - Smash Sumthin'
  18. Timex Social Club - Rumors
  19. Man Parrish feat. Freeze Force - Boogie Down Bronx
  20. The Love Unlimited Orchestra - I Wanna Stay
  21. Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Acapella)
  22. Daniel Haaksmaan - Puerto Rico (Neki Stranac mix - Shepdog re-edit)
  23. Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
  24. Pase Rock - So Fucking Disco (Ruckus Roboticus Remix Ft. Vitamin E)
  25. Jimi Hendrix - Croddtown Traffic
  26. Beattrix - Lines You Walk
  27. The Allergies - Special People
  28. The Allergies - You Wouldn't Know


For our first mix of 2017 we have a special guest mix from our man in Vienna DJ d.b.h. who has put together a dope winter mix of boom bap beats, rhymes, funk and soul.

The mix includes a couple of exclusives from Vienna crews the Waxolutionists and Restless Leg Syndrome. ENJOY!

Check out d.b.h:



  1. Quincy Jones - Snow Creatures
  2. WINTER MADNESS Mix - DJ d.b.h. (Don't Eat The Yellow Snow)
  3. Stro Elliot - The Summer Love Song
  4. K-Def - I Seen A Blind Bat
  5. Das EFX - Real Hip Hop (Jim Sharp Edit)
  6. Brenda Russell vs Souleance - A Little Bit Of Love ("C'est La Fête" ReEdit)
  7. Dexter - Everyday Like This Beat Life (Only Life)
  8. Curtis Mayfield w The Mary Jane Girls - Tripping All Night Long (Mike Timberlake's Rooftop Edit)
  9. K-Def - Ghetto's Groove
  10. Suff Daddy - Piano Joint
  11. K-Def - Street Jazz
  12. Naughty NMX & Runex Kid Brexit - Check Minnie's love
  13. Restless Leg Syndrome - Here for good [EXCLUSiVE]
  14. Naughty NMX Reload - The Sheriff's Business
  15. Fatgyver - Doin' It
  16. Main Source - Snake Eyes
  17. Tall Black Guy - JB Suite I
  18. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Love Like This
  19. The Impressions feat. Pharoahe Monch - We Must Be In Love (Jim Sharp Edit)
  20. Waxolutionists - Mr.Nice [EXCLUSiVE]
  21. Dexter - Out 4 President
  22. Kool & The Gang - Winter Sadness

BEST OF 2016

Our favourite show of the year! Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve select the best new releases and re-issues of the year. This is the cream of the underground crop of Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Beats, Breaks and more.

The boys have to sift hard for this show, especially when it comes to picking their best records of the year. This is the best of the best, ENJOY!

Maximum respect to all the great artists we lost in 2016, including Sharon Jones who passed away a day after we recorded this show. RIP.



  1. Mr Thing - Higher
  2. Pillow Talk - Good Lovin'
  3. Kaytranada - Lite Spots
  4. Mr K - Happy Song
  5. Mr K - Sex
  6. Boco - Running The Mardi Gras
  7. Lady Wray - Do It Again
  8. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Midnight Rider
  9. Melvin Sparks - If You Want My Love
  10. Cold Diamond & Mink - Queen Of Soul
  11. Los Disco Duro - La Murga
  12. Kutiman - Shine Again
  13. El Michels Affair - 4th Chamber
  14. J-Zone - Funky
  15. Lord Finesse - Praise The Lord (Lord Finesse Remix)
  16. Jurassic 5 - Customer Service
  17. De La Soul feat Snoop Dogg - Customer Service
  18. Sting Of The Dump - Kubrick
  19. Jungle Brown - Keep It Moving
  20. NxWorries, Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge - Lyk Dis
  21. Anderson .Paak - Come Down
  22. Admin - Bright Moments
  23. Al Kent Edits - Come Back Home
  24. DJ TS - Tighten It Up (Disco Bits Edit)
  25. DJ S & DJ TS - I Wanna Thank You (Disco Bits Edit)
  26. Kylie Auldist - Family Tree
  27. Makola - This Is London
  28. Sounds Of The City - Stuff and Thangs
  29. The Coasters - Three Cool Cats
  30. Johnny Guitar Watson - Wait A Minute Baby
  31. Jimmy Ricks - Oh What A Feeling
  32. Kazahaya - Miracles
  33. A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program

HARRY LOVE - Influences and Inspirations

Skeg is joined by Harry Love, legendary UK hip hop producer and DJ to discuss his influences and inspirations.

Harry gets busy on the decks and spins some classic hip hop, beats, breaks and even a bit of pop! This is a top DJ at the top of his game playing an interesting mix that shows where his sound and sets come from. ENJOY!



  1. Klashnekoff & Harry Love - Purdah
  2. Harry Love & Verb T - Showbitchiness
  3. Verb T & Harry Love - Hypnotizm
  4. De la soul - Pease Porridge
  5. A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime
  6. A Tribe Called Quest - The Infamous Date Rape
  7. Tone Loc - Loced After Dark
  8. The Art Of Noise - close (To The Edit)
  9. The Art Of Noise - Diversion
  10. Stevie Wonder - I Wish
  11. The Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine
  12. Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals
  13. Ultramagnetic MCs - Give The Drummer Some
  14. Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit
  15. Crown Heights Affair - Far Out
  16. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
  17. Liquid Liquid - Cavern
  18. James Brown - Talkin Loud (Saying Nothing)
  19. Juicy - Mtume
  20. The Cure - Lovecats
  21. Keni Burke - Risin To The Top
  22. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
  23. Blak Twang - Dettwork South East
  24. Blak Twang - Oh My God
  25. Rodney P - Tings In Time
  26. Hijack - Daddy Rich
  27. Harry Love, Verb T, Yungun & Mystro - Surprize
  28. Klashnekoff - Parrowdice
  29. Gang Starr - Step In The Arena
  30. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Bad Mutha
  31. Harry Love - Surrounded
  32. Harry Love -Sideways
  33. Harry love - Starski
  34. Harry Love - Oooh
  35. Marvin Gaye - I Heard it Through The Grapevine


Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for their selection of the finest fresh wax from the past 2 or 3 months.

This is the Breakin Bread selection of new releases and re-issues from the soul, funk, disco, hip hop and vintage r&b scenes. ENJOY!



  1. Alma Negra - Safari
  2. BT - Tighten It Up (Disco Bits Edit)
  3. Bomp - Disco Power (Disco Bits Edit)
  4. Aged In Harmony - You're A Melody
  5. Flipside - Havin' A Party
  6. Eumir Deodato - Arranha Ceu (Skyscrapers)
  7. The M-Tet - Mikes New Adidas
  8. Cold Diamond & Mink - Queen Of Soul
  9. Little Jimmy Ray - You Need to Fall In Love
  10. Johnny Guitar Watson - Wait A Minute Bay
  11. Them Two - Am I A Good Man
  12. Soul Explosives - Ain't No Sunshine
  13. Lee Fields & The Expressions - How I Like It
  14. Mo-Matic feat Oxygen - Sureshot
  15. Fdel feat Lightheaded - Superstar
  16. Joran Bombay - Hip-Hop Family Tree Pt.1
  17. Jurassic 5 - Customer Service
  18. D.I.T.C. - Diggin' Number
  19. D.I.T.C. - Rock Shyt
  20. Life MC - Soundsystem
  21. Los Disco Duro - La Murga
  22. Money Chicha - Ponte Loca
  23. Quantic presents Flowering Inferno - All I Do Is Think About You (Dub)
  24. Banda Black Rio - Mr Funky Samba
  25. Mr K - Sex (Edit)
  26. T Connection - Do What You Wanna Do (Kon Edit)
  27. Otherlover - Live & Let Live (DD Edit)
  28. Mndsgn - Searching II (4 Sumthn New)
  29. John Heartsman & Circles - Mr Magic (Fryers Edit)
  30. Melvin Sparks - If You Want My Love
  31. Billy Thompson - Black Eyed Girl
  32. The Glories - I Worship You Baby
  33. Ko Ko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle
  34. Little Esther - T'aint What You Say Its What You Do
  35. Leo Quica - Caliente
  36. Leslie Podkin - You Wont Need No Money
  37. Little Ceasar - Fever


This mix celebrates 18 years of Breakin Bread.

We started running club nights in 1998 in an old church in Brixton. Many club nights later we've booked a lot of guest DJs, bands and b-boy crews, played a hell of a lot of records and had a hell of a good time.

These are all tunes that have been big at BB and we've tried to cover all the styles that we have played at our events over the years. We've also tried to play tunes that have been released in the last 18 years but we've had to throw in a few classics for good measure.

All in all this mix sums up Breakin Bread pretty well. Good music, good times, good people and good vibes.

Our 18th Birthday Party is at The Alibi in Dalston on Saturday 22nd October


A CUT N PASTE MIX - Steeve The Sleeve

Steeve The Sleeve gets busy with his collection of Cut n Paste records.

From originators like Double Dee & Steinski & Davy DMX to newbies like Kazahaya and Mr Thing via legends like the Beastie Boys and Jazzy Jeff. Steeve steers a straight ship through the best of an underrated genre.

At Breakin Bread we love cut and paste it always gets the dance floor rocking and has been a staple in our DJ sets over the years. We hope you love cut n paste too! ENJOY



DJ Hudson has been doing dope mix tapes for years often with our man J Squared, this time round he's done a tasty breaks mix for us and here's what he says about it...

"Back in the mid 90s I got DJ Muro's King of Diggin' mixtape and it blew my mind - it was a mix of rare original samples that had been sampled on hip hop records using only original pressings - no compilations, no bootlegs. This was back when there was no internet, no youtube, no whosampled, so the effort put in to get these records was pretty astounding."

"What I've done is a tribute to Muro's tapes and others like it from Kon & Amir and Ken Sport where I mix up original samples (and some unused gems) that I've found over the years from scouring through car boot sales, charity shops and thrift stores worldwide.

Expect to hear the originals from people like MF Doom, Kanye, De La, 9th Wonder and so much more... here it is - Car Boot Adventures aka Oxfam Jams aka Chazza Shop Gold!"



Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve select some of the best new wax around. Brand new tunes and re-issues from the funk, soul, hip hop, disco and beats scenes (plus anything else that fits in between!). This is the good stuff! ENJOY!



To celebrate our summer party session one of our resident DJ's Tony S has put together another Summer Party Grooves mix.

The mix takes in soul, funk, disco, beats, house and more. From the old to the new this mix reflects the anything goes nature and all round good vibes of our nights.

Our parties at the Alibi happen every 3 months and the summer party is always special. For details of our next party check www.facebook.com/events/280181462369578/


We hope to see you on the floor sometime soon!



Breakin Breads man in Japan is back with another killer mix. Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Beats and more! Including some of his own productions and his latest release "Miracles". Enjoy the golden sound!

Follow Kazahaya:



Here is one of our guest mix shows. We've been to Vienna a few times to spin wax and the guy that sorted us out a few gigs over there was DJ d.b.h. He's one of the founding fathers of the Austrian hip hop scene and he's also a dope DJ with a deep and varied record collection.

His mix starts smooth & slow with some Hip Hop, Soul & Beats and than gets more eclectic with some Funk & Disco. It grooves all the way through and finishes with a rare slow austrian funk gem from the 60's. ENJOY!



Skeg digs deeper into his record collection to find some gems that haven't been played in a while. You'll hear some deep funk, obscure hip hop and electro, rare soul, classy disco and more. These tunes don't normally get to shine, we hope you enjoy them!


MAY 2016

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together again for our bi-monthly focus on new music and re-issues. There’s a lot of disco this time round peppered with our normal mix of soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, beats and more.

This is the best stuff in the shops right now. Enjoy the show and go and buy some of this on vinyl!


FLOORWAX - Breakin Bread at The Alibi April 2016, DJ SKEG

To celebrate the Breakin Bread quarterly block parties at The Alibi in Dalston here's a little taste of the sort of stuff we're playing out at the moment. Skeg delivers a mix of vintage R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop and more to get you ready to join us on the dance floor.


Breaducation Part 2 - DJ Moneyshot

Welcome to another guest mix by our compadre DJ Moneyshot.

Continuing the "Breaducation" series, this is another dope mix of underground hip-hop, soul, funk, breaks, beats and even a bit of ZZ top! This man can mix!!! Enjoy!

The last track, "ROCK ROCK" is by Moneyshot's crew, The Allergies. It drops as a video and 7" single on April 15th. From the album, "As We Do Our Thing", out May 13th on Jalapeno Records.



Skeg met DJ Shoki whilst on a visit to Tokyo. Shoki's record selection and style on the decks was dope so Skeg asked Shoki if he wanted to do some mixes for The BB show.

This is his second mix for us and he takes us deep into a Golden Era time of a world of underground hip hop mix tapes. This is a big nod to Red Alert, Kid Capri and a bunch of other underground DJs who influenced a whole generation of worldwide DJs.

A proper hip hop mix to take you back there! ENJOY!


MARCH 2016

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together again to bring you the freshest new sounds on wax.

We do these shows every couple of months and the boys select the finest new releases and re-issues from the worlds of soul, funk, disco, hip hop, beats, breaks and more. This is the best stuff around right now! Enjoy!



The Breakin Bread crew love playing breaks for B-Boys so we're always looking for decent mixes of B-Boy tracks.

Here we present a few lesser known records on the B-Boy scene, Skeg is joined by DJ Oonops who delivers a dope mix and says... "Finally, here are my breaks for expressive and open minded b-boys and fly girls with some hot classics, edits and yet unreleased vinyl goodness"... that's what we like to hear! We hope you do too!

Oonops profiles:



The Breakin Bread Crew are well known for spinning Disco alongside Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Breaks and Beats.

On this mix Skeg takes us deeper by digging into his Disco Twelves stack. There's some classic disco, unknown disco, some underplayed gems, some new disco... basically just Good Disco! Disco Goodness! We hope you enjoy!


VINTAGE SOUNDS - Breakin Bread at The Alibi

Breakin Bread has a dope new venue for 2016 and these are the sorts of sounds we're spinning out right now. Deep and heavy Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin, Hip Hop beats and whatever takes our fancy.

Check our website for our 2016 dates at The Alibi in Dalston, London. A custom built venue with a LOUD sound system and PROPER basement vibes! FREE ALL NIGHT


BEST OF 2015

Our favourite show of the year! Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to select the best releases of the year as well as their top tune of 2015. Brand new or re-released Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Jazz and Reggae, this is the best of the best! ENJOY!



In the week of Terrorist Attacks in Paris it seems apt to upload this mix of French Records.

The country who gave us some of the best food, cooking, wine, fashion and all round cultural goodness has also given us some great music over the years.

Paul T from Color Climax has put together a mix of his favourite funky offerings from the well known Serge Gainsbourg to some complete unknowns. TRES BIEN et MERCI!


Breaducation - DJ Moneyshot

We've been talking to DJ Moneyshot about doing a mix for us for a while and he recorded this whilst preparing for his support slot for the Shadow and Cut Chemist Renegades of Rhythm show in Bristol.

This is a masterful cut and paste mix from one of the UKs finest.

DJ Moneyshot does regular guest mixes for Coldcut's legendary Solid Steel shows and he's also a member of The Allergies.



Tony S delivers another party mix to get us ready for the next Breakin Bread Party. Tony's mixes are always popular as they're aimed straight at the dance floor with a mix of styles from funk to soul to hip hop, disco and house. This one is no exception...get on the floor and ENJOY!

For more info on Tony S and his productions and mixes check www.facebook.com/stevenson.tony



Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to bring you some of the best new releases and recent reissues. Covering all bases from funk to hip hop via soul, vintage R&B, disco and some tropical business. This is the cream of the recent vinyl releases and we dare you not to get your groove on! ENJOY!


Para's Playout Bags and Boxes

Para is best known for his deep turntablist skills, collection of rare records and dope b-boy productions. But he's also known around Swindon and the South West of England for wicked sets in clubs and bars.

This mix showcases the sort of newish music he plays when he's out and about. The stuff he packs into his boxes and bags and takes on the road. Playout business y'all... GET THE PARTY STARTED!



Skeg and Neal Birnie get together for a special Soul session. From deep soul via low riders to beat ballads, modern soul and uptempo northern shufflers we cover a broad soulful spectrum. All vinyl, all deep, ALL GOOD! Enjoy!



Breakin Breads new music show. We post these up every couple of months to round up the best releases and re-issues. This time round Skeg is on a solo mission with a heap of vinyl covering jazz to hip hip via disco, soul, funk, beats and more. ENJOY!


DEEP FUNK45s - DJ Skeg

Here's another show where we focus in on a particular section of our record collections. This time Skeg digs into his boxes of Funk 45s.

The selection is not the well known classic breaks, this is mostly from the box of lesser known 7"s that only get played out at Deep Funk nights for the aficionados. All on vinyl, all on 45's this is Skeg digging' deeper. ENJOY!



It's that time of year and Tony S has served up one of his dance floor friendly mixes with a Summer Party Vibe. From Funk to House via Disco and Soul with original classics and some tasty edits we challenge you not to get your groove on.

Breakin Bread's sound of the summer, get your BBQ and pool parties on with some Dope Grooves. ENJOY!

Check out Tony S on:


80s RAP SPECIAL Part 3

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for the third part of our 80's Rap Specials. Flicking thru the vinyl of their childhood the boys flick from drum machine and scratch epics via electro and cut and paste classics to early UK hip hop ground breakers to sure shots from the late 80's golden era.

This is how it was back in the day...proper old school...ENJOY!


BREAKS MIX -DJ Shoki aka Yakult Dealer

Breakin Bread × Yo! Bros Pro. present: Dj Shoki a.k.a. Yakult Dealer "Breaks Mix"

Skeg met DJ Shoki on a recent Breakin Bread expedition to Tokyo. They spun alongside each other at a night put on by Kazahaya and Skeg discovered Shoki was a master of digging dope breaks regardless of genres. Delivering fresh new sounds straight out of the crates of Tokyo!

Yo! Bros Pro. is a creative team located in Tokyo, Japan influenced by the Culture, Records, Fashion and Magazines of the Golden Age of Hip Hop ('80s-'90s). Their radar picks up ideas and concepts ranging from classic artists to often overlooked artists and items. By reconstructing the past, they create the future and connect US culture of the past with today's Tokyo.


Off The Hook - 15th Birthday Special

To celebrate to the 15th anniversary of their first party, Midlands born Off the Hook collective founded by (our very own) J-Squared, Gidge & Dave H drop a special two hour mix of classic tracks that made for some special nights between 2000 and 2005.

A mix of dance floor fillers, warm up essentials, some live exclusives and some of their favourite tracks of the time, the boys are joined by fellow resident DJ (and Breakin Bread fave) Hudson to take you back to that special time.


MAY 2015

One of our shows where we focus on the latest releases. Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together to bring you the best new sounds from recent months.

The boys bring a load of edits and re-issues this time round plus the freshest new hip hop, soul, funk and disco. And of course they throw in a couple of bona-fide classics for good measure. ENJOY!



Breakin Bread and Kazahaya present SOUL ON RAINBOW, the latest instalment in Kazahaya's mix series.

Kaza's concept is a vinyl only mix from Kaza's deep collection and this time round he's put together a blend of latest strong reissues and re-edits of great '70s soul music and good new music.The mix includes a dubplate special Kaza cut for his edit of Douglas & Lonero "What's Join On".

KAZA is scheduled to release a new song featuring The Spandettes in mid-summer.

Keep on checking Kazahaya and Breakin Bread!!



Skeg digs deep in his crates to play some tunes he hasn't played in a while. This selection comes from every recess of his collection.

From deep beats, via esoteric country funk, to new school disco, onto old school hip hop, with a bit of left field afro and tropical thrown in.

This is the backbone of the Breakin Bread sound, records we don't play very often that deserve to be played a bit more. ENJOY!



Paul T from Color Climax digs into his crates and pulls out some of his favourite Funk and Soul 45s. Getting eep and dirty, this is the raw sound of America in the 60's and 70's, feel the groove y'all!


MARCH 2015

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, J Squared & Steve The Sleeve rifle through their crates to bring you some fresh new music.

They mix the best new hip-hop, upfront R&B, jazzy beats and even a sprinkling of '80s soul in true Breakin Bread style & fashion.


Who Digs Wins - Yokel Addicts/Para

Yokel Addicts is a collective of DJ's Diggers and Record Collectors all Hailing from Swindon England. Members include Para and Baila from the Breakin Bread Crew. To say these guys all have deep crates is an understatement. For the past 20 years they have been scouring the globe unearthing dusty gems everywhere they travel.

'Who Digs Wins' is the first in a series of mixes being dropped this year by the crew. A carefully crafted mix with insanely rare tracks using nothing but the original pressings.


Check out Para and the Yokel Addicts and their musical gems on Instagram:

and more...



To celebrate our 2015 Valentines party Tony S has put together another Party Grooves mix. Touching on love and touching on the dance floor, get your groove on with your love!


Vintage RnB "Popcorn Soul" - DJ Skeg

Skeg serves up the second instalment of his Vintage RnB series. Part 1 focused on Blues, Rock n Roll and Tittyshakers and Part 2 dips into more of a soulful sound with Popcorn Soul and some real Rhythm Shakers. This is the root of modern RnB, Soul, Hip Hop as well as funk and soul from the 70's. Deep, raw and beautiful sounds... we hope you enjoy!


BEST OF 2014

This is our favourite show of the year. The Breakin Bread selection of the top soul, funk, hip hop, disco and more from the last 12 months. We include mostly brand new tunes from the last year but also some of the best re-issues of the year. All bases covered, we challenge you not to get your groove on! ENJOY.


Trumpet Chase Drops with DJ Oonops

DJ Oonops drops back into the Breakin Bread hot seat with anohther Dope mix. Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Breaks and Trumpets. Breakin Bread vs. DJ Oonops Trumpet Chase!



We're going way back with this special show, back into a time before Soul had a name, before Funk was more than a smell, as Tittyshakers were making the ladies grind and as Rhythm and Blues was shaping Rock n Roll.

This is Vintage RnB not Street Soul or jiggy RnB. This is far more blues than bling, this the real original 50s and 60's RnB. Deep sounds people!


Yacht Rock Special - J-Squared & DJ Wax On

Take a trip down to the Harbour with J-Squared and this month's special guest DJ Wax On as they give you the Breakin Bread guide to all things "Yacht Rock".

With heavy influence on so much hip hop and modern soul, this 70's beard driven (respect to that) movement continues to deliver with it's mixture of intricately made funky grooves with the bluest of blue eyed soul added in.


DO YOU WANNA GET DOWN?! Party Grooves Nov 14 Tony S

Tony S is back with another Party Grooves mix to mark our November 2014 party. This does what it says on the tin, grooves for a party dance floor. Tony starts it off with some slower classics and builds to some all out party bangers.

Funk, Soul, Disco and even a bit of house to take you to the places only dope DJ's can take you. We hope to see you on the floor.



Breakin Bread's bi-monthly guide to the best releases around. Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get busy with the hottest picks from the new releases and re-issues in the Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae and Hip Hop scenes.


THINGS WE LIKE - Sept 2014 J-Squared & Hudson

J-Squared and Hudson are back and after last year's "Things we like" they're back with err... "More things we like!" It again delivers with what the title suggests, a two hour mix of what ever these two are feeling right now from the front, the back and the middle of the stack in true Breakin Bread fashion.


MORE PARTY ROCKERS! Skeg's Breakin Bread Classics

These are the Breakin Bread sure shot dance floor fillers. Tracks tried and tested that rocked Breakin Bread dance floors over the last 16 years.

This is the second part of Skeg's "Party Rockers" series of mixes, this time round Skeg plays some of the tunes that have been dropped at prime time when the club is packed and the set then runs through to some classics that always get dropped towards closing time.

The mix runs from big banging tracks to more soulful chilled numbers and includes some records that you won't hear much in other clubs but have become bona fide Breakin Bread Classics. We hope you enjoy and hope this reminds the Breakin Bread punters of the great nights we've hosted over the years.


Carnival Classics

Our favourite weekend of the year - Notting Hill Carnival - is fast approaching and to celebrate J Squared & Steve The Sleeve have put together a mix of their favourites from the last 20 years.

With more than a nod to Norman Jay's legendary Good Times sound system, the mix spans the styles and genres that make Carnival simply the best street party.

Catch J-Squared on August 22nd at the Book Club alongside Hipsters Don't Dance & Jimmy Plates as part of their Carnival Weekend celebrations.


August 2014 with Steve the Sleeve and J-Squared

Hear the best recent releases mixed with a sprinkling of classics from the crates on the latest Breakin Bread show. J Squared & Steve The Sleeve are your hosts as they take you through Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and all points inbetween.


A Library Mix - Paul T

Paul T from Color Climax digs deep into his crates to pull out his favourite Library records. Not records he nicked from Coventry Library over many years, these are tunes made for selling to TV, radio, films, adverts and more by Music Libraries such as KPM, De Wolfe, Telemusic and more.

Library music has become a genre in its own right and aficionados like Paul T have amazing collections of music most people have never heard of.

Beats, breaks, deep grooves, atmospheric tunes and downright bangers...

Paul T has delivered a seamless soundtrack of them all with a slightly uneasy commentary. We hope you recognise some of these and we hope you enjoy...


SUMMER PARTY GROOVES - Tony S - Old Enough To Know Better Mix

In celebration of a summer of parties one of our resident DJ's Tony S has put together a set of back to back classics with that party groove feel.

From Soul and Funk to Disco, Edits and even a bit of Prince this is guaranteed to rock any party. Enjoy the summer people.


SOUNDS OF THE CITY - Steeve The Sleeve Hip Hop Mix

It's been a while since Steve The Sleeve put together a mix for us but the wait was well worth it! Laid down in one take, this all-vinyl hip-hop mix brings together classics from Mantronix & Mad Skillz with new favourites from the likes of Black Milk, DJ Format, Jonwayne & Ty.


JUNE 2014

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get busy best new releases and re-issues on vinyl from the last couple of months.

Soul, Funk, Disco, 60s RnB, some great new hip hop and a bit of banter about Record Store Day.

This is the new-ish and we hope you love it too! ENJOY


UK Street Soul Classics w / J-Squared & Tayo3000

J-Squared is joined in the Breakin Bread studio by Tayo3000 as they go back and visit some of the best music to come out of these shores towards the end of the 80's and start of the 90's.

As mere teenagers themselves at the time, the show is a reflection of when british soul music was not only becoming mainstream and exporting itself around the world it was also firmly part of a Hip Hop scene that saw collaborations with some of the leading rappers of the time from across the pond.



Skeg gets busy in the deepest recesses of his crates pulling out some tunes he hasn't played in a while.

This is the Breakin Bread formula, a 2 hour ride into the unknown joining the dots between beats, breaks, jazz, soul, funk, tropical, disco, hip hop and more. We hope you enjoy the ride!


April 2014

Steeve The Sleeve and J-Squared are back to give you a spring time session of the funkiest Breakin Bread fun. From all corners of the stack the lads lace with the gems both new & old. As the temperatures warm up, Breakin Bread bring you some heat on wax...ENJOY



The Getup visited the Breakin Bread studio to mark the release of their new album. They brought with them a bunch of tunes and a few beers and this show is the result.

Two hours or so of Heavy Funk tunes and a bit of chat about The Getup.



To help us get warmed up for our next Breakin Bread party on 29th March we've got one of our residents Tony S to pull out some tracks he'll probably be playing on the night.

Tony S is from the world of jazz, funk, soul, disco and house and he's been banging on about how RARE GROOVE is coming back.

If you were around in the early 90's you'll know what we mean...not really rare music but a feel, a vibe, grooves that want to make you move. Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson and even Trevor Nelson, they were al pioneers of the RARE GROOVE and we're back in that zone... ENJOY!


SOUL ON GALAXY 2 - Kazahaya

Breakin Bread and Kazahaya present SOUL ON GALAXY Part 2, the latest instalment in Kazahaya's mix series.

This mix connects the 2010s and 1970s about SOUL and FUNK music. It's a vinyl only mix from Kaza's deep collection. Kaza's letting us know that great music stands the test of time.

The mix also includes some of his new new soulful beat productions. Keep on checking Kazahaya and Breakin' Bread!!


Breakin Bread drops with DJ Oonops

We have J-Squared in the chair this week who alongside dropping a few of those Breakin Bread hits brings you an exclusive mix from Hannover's DJ Oonops.

From Brooklyn Radio fame, Oonops goes all vinyl on this one and delivers a dope mix from start to finish.

Check out more of his work @ www.mixcloud.com/oonops/


February 2014

Steeve The Sleeve and Skeg get together to round up the best new tunes of recent weeks. The boys flip thru some Originals and re-issues, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Jazz, Breaks and Beats.

All the best bits you need to ensure a Funky February! ENJOY



Para's delivered another amazing mix aimed at the B-Boys. Beats, breaks and rhythms for you to get your groove on. From library tracks to rare funk nuggets Para's picked the best bits of them all to get you on the floor.

We advise you clear the table out of the kitchen or the sofa out of the lounge, clear 3 metres by 3 metres and start practicing your footwork and floorwork! Enjoy and get your bones to the stones!


BEST OF 2013

Skeg, Steeve The Sleeve & J Squared get together for the best show of the year.

The show where the boys get together with all their favourite tunes of the last 12 months and play one tune each until two hours is up.

We bring you the best SOUL, FUNK, HIP HOP, DISCO, FUNK, BREAKS and BEATS, this is two hours of the finest music around. We hope you enjoy!

Once again a massive shout to Ian Bangs for our dope artwork - www.bangsbrothers.co.uk


Cover Story with Ed Meme

To celebrate the launch of Ed Meme's recent single a cover of Ian Mansfield's Young Scene, Ed pulled out all his favourite cover versions in his record collection.

From James Brown to Quantic via The Mohawks, Ed has come up with an incredible mix of tunes. This is as deep as the mans music, proper stuff.



Breakin Bread's own J-Squared is joined by DJ's Rob Pursey and Matt Dykes for a celebration of all things soulful from the glory days of weekenders and all-nighters.

These are some of their personal favourites and true soul classics that you can groove and two-step to, all with that emotional, romantic and often bittersweet edge.

Rob Pursey is part of Southern Hospitality and is the man behind Hip Hop Karaoke, Players Ball and Rated R, releasing many mixtapes showcasing everything from the latest ratchet R&B to classic soul and hip-hop. Matt Dykes is a former member of Wall of Sound's own Hustlers Of Culture and a true aficionado of all things soul and funk.



Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for a show that brings together many peoples favourite style of funk, female vocal funk.

Sister Funk, Femme Funk, Girl Groovers whatever you want to call it, this works on the dancefloor every time... sweet vocals over some of the best rhythms ever.

Enjoy it as the boys go deep...



It's time for another dose of J Squared & Steve The Sleeve! Bringing the hottest new joints as well as a smattering of classic cuts, all styles are covered in time honoured funky fashion...


THE PARTY ROCKERS! Breakin Bread Classics

To celebrate 15 years of Breakin Bread clubnights Skeg dug out some of the tunes that over the years have become Breakin Bread Classics...

These are the surefire partyrockers that the crew have played the most over the years because they sum up our sound completely... drum heavy, deep groovin', asshakers...hip hop, soul, funk, beats, breaks, latin and more.

This was an all vinyl excursion like we used to do it... Skeg kicks off with some tracks that warm up the dancefloor and builds up to some big guns that work every time.

We've had great fun over the last 15 years and this mix reminds us of all the good times.



We started off our club nights in Brixton in 1998... 15 years of block rocking parties and we're still going.

To celebrate our 15th birthday and to start the countdown to the party we've asked one of our resident DJ's Tony S to put together a mix of the sort of stuff we play at our nights. Tony has done us proud with a mix of surefire dancefloor fillers with a heavy lean towards D-I-S-C-O via a bit of jazz, funk and hip hop.

London-based producer and DJ Tony S enjoys mixing musical styles. A former jazz student and session bass player, and current prolific producer of deep house, he is equally at home producing and playing disco and underground house music.

One things for sure, he definitely knows how to get you dancing


B-Boy Breaks - Skeg and DJ Credit One

Breakin Bread have always rocked all elements and the B-Boys are at the centre of the nights we've put on for the last 15 years.

We've had the best B-Boy DJ's in Europe passing through our clubnights and spinning the heaviest breaks for the circle.

It's long overdue that we did a special show concentrating on B-Boy Breaks and we called in one of London's finest breaks specialists DJ Credit One for the job.

Credit brought over 3 huge sacks of wax and cut up breaks and chatted to Skeg along the way. All sorts of music genres have gone into this mix soul, funk, rock, latin, library and more.

Clear some space in your lounge and get ready to rock!


THINGS WE LIKE - J Squared and DJ Hudson

This month sees our own J-Squared joined by his old compadre and big friend of the Breakin Bread show DJ Hudson for a special show of old and new music covering all bases – funk, jazz, rap and plenty more - to make one thing clear... these are the 'Things We Like'. We hope you like them too.

J-Squared and Hudson were part of Off The Hook, a club night in the East Midlands running in the early 2000s and went on to do a series of mix CDs such as Soundhog, The Indoor League, Season's Beatings and more recently #ADM (Analogue Dance Music) alongside Southern Hospitality's Rob Pursey.

You can also catch Hudson’s solo mixes on www.mixcloud.com/dj_hudson



Skeg and Chris Read get together to share their love of the Cut n Paste genre, a variant of hip hop/funk/breaks that is often overlooked but is always guaranteed to rock the dancefloor.

Tunes from the 80's, 90's, noughties and bang up to date newbies.

If you like your drums, loops, samples and headnodders then this show is for you... Enjoy!

For more info on Chris Read - Gigs, Releases, Mixes and more check:



On this edition of Breakin Bread's new music show Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve present the freshest sounds around.

With a healthy stack of vinyl and some upfront digi files the guys flick through the best new soul, latin and disco a surprising amount of brand new boom bap hip hop topped with a selection of the best re-issues out there.

It's all here in your bi monthly guide to the funkiest sounds this side of The Bronx.


Booming Baps - Para

Para drops us a short and sweet mix for the summer, proving once again he is the master of the quick cut n paste mix.

Classic and underground hip hop blended with fresh beats, cuts, scratches, drops and a couple of his own remixes.

Booming Baps sums this up nicely... Fresh for 2013 peeps!


SOUL FOR THE SUMMER with Neal Birnie

Neal Birnie from Soul Jazz Records joins Skeg for dinner and a smorgasbord of the best Soul around.

They spin old School 60's and 70's classics and rarities alongside new school bangers.

All linked together by that sweet soul sound, perfect for those summer moments, BBQs, chilling in the park or even just cooling yourself down, this is the sound of the summer!


Tall Black Guy Special

The Breakin Bread crew are proud to welcome Tall Black Guy for this special show.

TBG discusses his debut album "8 Miles To Moenart" (First Word Records), his background in beat battles and his plans for the rest of the summer. He also drops a seriously dope mix!

To keep up to date with all things Tall Black Guy, go to www.tallblackguyproductions.com



New-School Breaks For The B-Boys

A mix of productions from the last few years aimed at the modern b-boy scene. Breakin Bread have supported the modern b-boy since they first opened their doors as a clubight in 1998.

As heavy record diggers Skeg and Rob Life always spun original breaks alongside hip hop and as soon as the new school of London b-boys heard about it this vibe spread across Europe as we flew in crews from Germany, France and Switzerland to battle the UK's finest.

The Breakin Bread B-boy pedigree also reached stateside with DJ's like Skeme Richards and Z Trip reaching out to the Breakin Bread Crew.

Now those links have borne further fruit as the crew have linked up with K. Sabroso a Brooklyn B-boy and DJ to release a series of 7"s.

To celebrate the linkup K. Sabroso has put together this mix.

No tracklisting...sorry!



Sun is shining, weather is sweet... it's time for Steve The Sleeve and J Squared to bring you two hours of killer tunes.

Covering new cuts from Shuggie Otis, Black Milk & Joyce as well as bonafide classics from Odyssey, London Posse and more - give your ears a treat!


BREAKS N BEATS - BNB meets Skyline Records

Malachi Trout aka The Flying Fish from Skyline Records visited Skeg recently and asked if he could play some breaks from his 7" crate.

Now that is the sort of thing the Breakin Bread crew cant resist so we dug deep into our crates and went for a breaks and beats fest.

From classic funk via b-boy breaks, a touch of jazz and an excursion into latin breaks we ended up in a bit of hip hop.

All breaks heavy this reminds us of the early days of Breakin Bread. ENJOY!


80's Rap Special Pt 2

Rarely do Skeg, Steeve The Sleeve and J Squared get to record a show together these days, its got to be something special to link them up and they cant resist the lure of an 80's Rap Show.

They had such a good time recording the first part of this series of shows so they went back home, dug deep in the crates and pulled together some of the best hip hop releases of the 80's for Part 2...

Nice chunks of wax that hadn't been pulled out of their sleeves for a while... from 808 heavy beats, thru early sampling to full blown epics this is how it was back in the day... ENJOY!



Skeg invited the HBSMA boys over for dinner and they brought a load of soundtracks with them, this show is the result. Groovy, Funky, Emotional tracks that backed some of the best films ever made this is a delight for the diggers out there.

Check out @HBSMA on Twitter and You Tube.

Funk and fun combined... in a shed!


Kazahayas Soul On Ice

Breakin Breads man in Japan Kazahaya has a new single out and to celebrate he dug out this classic mix he did back in 2005.

Kaza's beats are funky and then some, harking back to the Marley Marl days that kicked off the golden age of hip hop.

This mix shows you some of his influences behind that style, Soul, Funk, Breaks, Hip Hop all mixed with the same swagger and finesse as he puts into his beats... Soul... On Ice!


Breakin Bread April 2013

J Squared & Steve The Sleeve take to the decks to bring you some of the finest new music around right now alongside a healthy dose of stone-cold classics.

Covering all styles in true Breakin Bread fashion, strap yourself in for two hours of funky fun.

Diggin In The Crates March 2013

Skeg dug in his stacks of wax once more to pull out a load of stuff that is certifiably dope but doesn't get played much down the Breakin Bread club.

This is the quality stuff that can lounge at the back of a record collection for years but should never be forgotten.

From some strange beats via some unknown underground hip hop to a classic funk drum break via some new school latin and also stopping off for a bit of disco action and a cheeky bit of house Skeg takes you on a journey there and back again. Enjoy people...


Skeg and Ed Meme Spin Some Records...

Skeg got Glenn Fallows from Ed Meme up into the Breakin Bread studio to spin some vinyl and chat about the new Ed Meme single just out on Breakin Bread.

Glenn brings a selection of soul, funk and latin inspiring Skeg to pull out some gems.


Paul T presents Psychosounds

Paul T from Color Climax celebrates the release of his new single with old school legends Prince Whipper Whip and Charlie Chase with a stunning mix of Psych and Soundtrack Funk.

What's this got to do with old school hip hop? Check the breaks and the vibe that Paul puts in there and try not to freak out! Enjoy!


February 2013

In their first audio outing of 2013 Steeve the Sleeve and J-squared are "back together..." to bring you the unexpected influx of great new music that 2013 has already brought us.

Mixed up with a few bits that didn't make the best of 2012 show and of course a great smattering of oldies and re-edits - they've started 2013 the right way... We hope you enjoy...


Vintage Sounds New Pressings

Who doesn't love a bit of 7" vinyl? We certainly do and we buy far too many of them. Skeg built a new 7"s shelf lately and realised there was loads of stuff pressed in the last few months that hadn't been spun on the show. So what you've got here is the best Soul, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop thats had some lovely label press it up on vinyl.

In this digital age all the labels still putting out 7"s deserve a big shout!

Props to all the people buying vinyl and keeping the art of putting a record on the decks alive! Support...


BEST OF 2012

Skeg , Steeve The Sleeve and J Squared get together for their annual gathering to spin their best tunes of the year.

The crew's best picks from the worlds of soul, funk, hip hop, latin, disco and a few other random genres. It's our favourite show of the year and we hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks for your support in 2012, here's to a funky 2013! Happy New Year people!


Ritmos Latinos Part 3 - Chris Read

Chris Read has just released his 3rd single on Breakin Bread and to celebrate he's done us this little guest mix to accompany the single. Both sides from the 45rpm 7" wax are here alongside some other new and old bits and pieces of a similar style: Samba, Bossa, Cumbia, Boogaloo and more, all from a modern producer's perspective.

We hope you enjoy, this is sure to brighten up the Northern Hemisphere winter...


Mysdiggi Special

So we have dealt with a lot of MC's since we started Breakin Bread 14 years ago. Some good ones, some bad ones... One of the best that ever blessed the mic at one of our nights is West London's very own Mystro.

He's got a new album out and we thought we'd celebrate that landmark by getting him up into the Breakin Bread lab for some banter, some of his inspirations and also to spin some soul, funk and hip hop that both us and him love. He brought some interesting things to the table... mutha lovers!


Kazahaya - Soul on Japan

Kazahaya is Breakin Bread's Japanese beatmaker with that classic boom bap sound. He's also a collector of soul, funk, jazz and hip hop vinyl with numerous mix CDs to his name.

We first heard his productions when he was looking for distribution in Europe and we were blown away by his beats... they weren't your standard new school beats, nor were they your throwback to the golden era copycat beats. Kaza has his own style of beats with soul, they vibrate with passion and swing with finesse.

He has gone on to release a number of his own productions on Breakin Bread wax and he has opened us up to a whole world of Japanese beats.

To celebrate his latest release he has put together a podcast of his favourite Japanese beats. This isn't a mix of soul, funk and jazz, its a mix of beats with soul, funk and jazz. Spot the samples...


Diggin In The Crates October 2012

Skeg gets busy in his crates once again after moving house and discovering a few long lost recesses of his record collection.

This as far from genre specific as you can get as Skeg goes from disco to soul to cut n paste via a mash up or two and some bad ass beatsy numbers.

This sums up Breakin Bread, a little bit of everything in the pot and the final result comes out funky and then some! ENJOY!


October 2012 Show

Summer is over but J Squared & Steve The Sleeve bring the heat to your ears on the latest Breakin Bread show.

Spinning the finest old and new music from Craig G, Thelonious Monk, Flying Lotus & Public Enemy, settle down for two hours of globe-trotting beats & breaks.


The Getup - Influences and Inspirations

Hammond led funskters The Getup are a new addition to the Breakin Bread roster. After a few storming live performances down at The Blues Kitchen we just had to get some of their brand of hard hammond soul funk out there.

This, their first podcast for the us, showcases some of the bands influences and promises hard funk and groovy soul all the way, with some time honoured classics and a few rarities thrown in for good measure.


Breakin Bread September 2012

It's Steve The Sleeve and J Squared up in the lab this month, for our monthly new music show.

The boys bring you a selection of the hottest new hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz along with a sprinkling of classic cuts.

From the streets of London and across the musical map...it's all here!


Vintage Styles - Breakin Bread At The Blues Kitchen

We've been asked alot recently to post up a mix of the sort of stuff we play at our residency at The Blues Kitchen in Camden Town, London - so here you go.

We don't play much hip hop based music down there as it doesnt fit the crowd so this is a selection of the sounds you'll hear... vintage music all the way. Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Jukebox Tittyshakin' R&B is what we fitted on this mix.

We also drop some b-boy breaks and disco down there and the combo is enough to fill the dancefloor every time!

If you ever make it to London, we hope to see you on the floor!


Torch Bearer Mix - Para Aesthetics

Breakin Bread are ready for The Olympics thanks to Para's Aesthetics Torch Bearer Mix.

A hard hitting uplifting mix of beats, breaks, rhymes and cuts...

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty. What's that got to do with the Olympics? It just feels good! Enjoy.


Breakin Bread July 2012

A very special show for you this month as J Squared & Steve The Sleeve welcome Marc Mac to the show to talk about his new album as Visioneers, "Hipology".

Plus a selection of the funkiest old & new cuts across the board!


80's Rap Special

The Breakin Bread posse all got together in the place to be for this 80's rap special cos this is where we're from and when we first got into the hip hop that led us to start diggin all the funk, soul, disco, breaks, beats and all that dope stuff.

When we did get together we realised there was way too much decent hip hop from that decade to fit into a 2 hour show... so let's call this Part 1!

Its all hip hop but in this era you can hear the soul, funk and disco tearing thru before the drum machines took over and the beats got harder and harder! Proper old school bigness. Enjoy!


The Edenheight Selection

Edenheight celebrate the release of their second single on wax with a podcast where they get deep with the selections. Some of the music they like and love alongside a couple of their own productions.

Edenheight are a deep-groovin' and original outfit with a soulful urban sound. Forged in Bristol, their list of influences favour more percussive styles including Afro, Funk, Hip Hop & Dub, and as such dance-ability is a precedent.

This standard owes as much to an evolution in the UK's underground live scene as to their appreciation of high energy musicianship and production.


Breakin Bread May 2012

Steve the Sleeve and Jsquared are back with two hours of the funkiest fun you'll find all month. The lads mourn the passing of MCA and Donald "Duck" Dunn as well as dropping some unlikely record of the month contenders from some unlikely sources.

Some of the best new music to come out this month, some break to the beat, some edits and even some vinyl - it's all there!


Para - Like Moths

Para decided to do this mix after a night of watching Television, program after program of complete irrelevant Nonsense sandwhiched between advert after advert trying their best to sell me something we really don't need. He turned off the TV and started working on this mix.

He was initially going to make this a complete Instrumental mix but ended up dropping the odd vocal track in there too Its a little darker than his usual mixes but gave him the opportunity to include tracks that we really like listening to.

It's a non stop continuous 60 minute mix and we are giving it away for free so Enjoy.

Para has been putting out mix CD's since the late 90's, he joined the Breakin Bread stable in 2007 and has put out a few 7"s a couple of mix CDs and his debut album. And, enjoy!


Kazahaya Soul On Galaxy

This month we've got a special feature from Breakin Bread's Japanese arm. Kazahaya began his music career as a DJ in 1994 and started Beat Making in 1999. His style is that classic boom bap to make you shake your ass on the dancefloor.

He self released a number of 12"s and mix CD's until he came to the attention of Breakin Bread with a stunning 12" Remember Hip Hop in 2009.

We put a European version of this out in 2010 and it quickly became one of our bestsellers and has long been out of print.

This mix celebrates new Kazahaya music coming out on Breakin Bread in 2012. We've got a series of 7"s coming from the man and to show you how deep he is we've posted up this incredible mix of soul, funk, beats and hip hop that Kaza put out in 2009.

This is an all vinyl mix showing that the man deserves to be up there with some of the world's best.


Breakin Bread March 2012

J Squared & Steeve The Sleeve return with a post SXSW special featuring tracks from some of the festival's heaviest hitters.

They also welcome back brand new tracks from some of the show's favourite producers Salaam Remi, Will Quantic and Marc Mac.

Two more hours of the funkiest fun you'll have on your iPod.


Diggin' In The Crates March 2012

Another Diggin' In The Crates session from Skeg who after moving house yet again found a load more vinyl delights that hadn't been played for a while.

There's no theme here other than good music, we go from Latin to Vintage R&B to Cut 'n' Paste Beats to Disco and even throw in a bit of house for good measure. 2 hours of diggin' pleasure! Enjoy


Sister Funk Special

After an extended break the Breakin Bread crew are back with one of their specials.

This time round Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve focus on the sisters. 2 hours of the finest female vocals over soul, funk, disco and more!

Some well known classics in here from yesteryear, some newbies from recent times and some rarities from across the years. Sisters are doing it for themselves! Enjoy.


Breakin Bread best of 2011 - Skeg, J Squared & Steve The Sleeve

Skeg, J Squared & Steve The Sleeve come together to give you the best tracks of 2011.

This is our favourite show of the whole year. Enjoy!


November 11 Part 2

J Squared and Steve The Sleeve are back with Breakin Bread's penultimate pod cast of a hit packed 2011.

The lads break down the new music of the last few weeks alongside the usual breakin bread mix of beat breakin' and banter!


November 2011

Steve The Sleeve and J Squared are back with their penultimate show of 2011.

As we lead into our best of 2011 show the lads play their favourite new releases of the past month alongside those dusty old hits...


Breakin Bread October 2011

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for a rip roaring show of the best new tunes and a few classics.

This time round they got stuck into a bottle of fine wine and went all over the place. From classic funk to old school hip hop via a large chunk of disco magic and jazzy bits and bobs the duo take you there and back again via Turkey. Ooof!

We Enjoyed this one and hope you do too...


CHRIS READ Presents New Afro Scene - Son's D'Afrique

To celebrate Chris Read's 2nd release on Breakin Bread he's done us another dope little mix. His new 7& takes you on a trip to Africa with two midtempo afro beat bangers. Not old school afro beat, think more cut and paste electronica with a hip hop feel.

Perfect for the new afro tropical scene that has emerged in recent years. Chris celebrates that new scene with this mix.


Dirty Funk 45's Special. Tufkut's Back!

A very special show this month as one of the original Breakin Bread founders, Tufkut steps out of semi retirement to drop his timeless take on the funk genre. You like it dirty? You like it raw? You like it crackly? You like the banter? If so, Tufkut is your man.

For those who used to Enjoy his ramblings on Itch FM and in the B-Boy room at Breakin Bread, you know the score!

For those, who haven't ever heard of him, give him a try and you're bound to come away smiling! Tufkut brings the original 70's funk, Skeg brings the best from the "new funk" scene. All vinyl, all 7" 45's, All quality...


BNB September 2011

Steve The Sleeve & J Squared say goodbye to the summer with two hours of funky hits from all corners of their record sacks.

Two hours of finest music mixed with the usual Breakin Bread banter that you all know and love!


Ritmos Latinos CARNIVAL SPECIAL by Chris Read

Chris Read celebrates joining the Breakin Bread roster with a killer mixtape to get you in the mood for Notting Hill Carnival.

Latin beats, breaks and rhythms all mixed to a perfect blend by one of the UK's top DJ's and Producers.


Diggin In The Crates Pt II August 2011

Our second special show that came about cos of Skeg moving house and re-arranging his records. He came across loads of slept on gems from yesteryear that needed another spon.

From the back of Skeg's recordstack you get Jazz, Beats, Breaks, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and more. Going deeper...


August 11 BNB Show

Steeve The Sleeve and Skeg got together for this show to focus on the best new music around, all boosted with some tasty classics.

Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Afro, Latin, some of the choicest selections are right here...


Diggin In The Crates July 2011

We're focusing on the music this month, less banter, more tunes! Skeg has been re-arranging his record collection and found a load of gems that haven't been played for a while. Most of these are on vinyl so he blew off the dust and went all eclectic on us.

Deep Jazz, Breakbeats, Electro, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Afro...

Skeg takes you on a journey thru the back of his record collection.


Edenheight - Influences and Inspirations

Breakin Bread's latest signings got together for this podcast to introduce themselves and play a load of records that have inspired and influenced them over the years.

They threw in a bit of banter, a verse of rap and a couple of exclusives too. Enjoy!


Latin Special = Sunshine

As Spring turns to Summer in the UK, what better way to celebrate than with a bit of latin goodness to go with the sunshine.

This Latin Special show features Chris Read, one of the best hip hop DJ's we've ever met who's got a wide variety of styles. He came up with the latin theme of the show and his take on Latin is a bit different to Skegs making for a dope eclectic show.

Feel the sunshine people...


May 2011

It's been a while...the Breakin Bread crew have been out and about and up to all sorts but now Steve the Sleeve and J Squared are back with a fresh instalment for the month of May served up Breakin Bread Style!

Expect the usual mix of old-to-da-new music from all corners of the funk spectrum & essential listening!


BNB April 2011

Steve The Sleeve & J Squared are back with an April installment of the nations favourite two hour slice of funky fun.

Expect two hours of killer re-edits, sweet soul, disco and breaks alongside the best new music that's been released over the past month from around the globe!


Soul For The Soul SPECIAL

This months special focuses on Soul. Skeg is joined by Neal Birnie from Sounds Of The Universe and The Urban Allstars for one of the best shows ever from the Breakin Bread Crew.

The quality is high all the way thru... a smorgasbord of Soul from the 60's to the New Millennium. Street Soul, Northern Soul, Boogie Soul, Smooth Soul, Soulful Funk and Disco, in fact anything with a bit of soul.

It's all here, Soul for the Soul y'all!


BNB March 2011

Steve The Sleeve & J Squared are back in the booth for the first installment of March's Breakin Bread shows. Hit the play button for another two hours of the flyest, funkiest fun in typical Breakin Bread Style.

The lads drop tunes from the old to the new with a couple of exclusives thrown in! Keep it locked!


Ill Boogs The Rhythm Den

Ill Boogs celebrates the launch of his debut album with a trip thru his influences and a look at the modern breakdance scene. DJ Skeg is on the wheels of steel


February 2011

Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve got together with DJ DBH from Vienna for the first proper show of 2011.

The best of the new releases from the past few weeks and some stone cold classics from yesteryear. Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Afro, Disco, Beats and more!


Breakin Bread Orsi Global Block Party Special

Our special show with this month has a very special guest, the one and only Orsi! Orsi chose the theme of Global Block Party and she and Skeg came up with very different definitions of that phrase.

There is some new stuff in here, lots of old classics and some rare stuff from Eastern Europe. A true ride thru worldwide sounds from past present and future.


Best of 2010 - Best Show Of The Year!

Skeg, Steve The Sleeve and J Squared get together for the first time in a long time to sift thru the best records of 2010.

The boys flip thru the genres to give you the best of the best culminating in the final selection by each DJ of their top tune of the year. Essential listening for the heads!


December 2010

Skeg and Steve The Sleeve get together for the first time in a long time to play the latest soul, funk, beats and hip hop alongside some classics from the last 40 years or so. Enjoy!


November 2010

Steeve The Sleeve and J Squared link up to bring you a great new show.



We're back after taking a break from shows and mixes in September with a special show dedicated to the mighty Zulu Nation.

J-Da Kut from Sensei.fm and Invincible Armour steps up into the special guest spot at Skeg's yard to bring all things zulu related, breaks, beats, soul, funk, hip hop from back in the day to right now! Enjoy!


August 2010

J Squared & Steve The Sleeve bring you two hours of the finest sounds this month, including new music from Aloe Blacc, DJ Center and Jo Stance as well as plenty of classics in true Breakin Bread style.


Back In The Day! Breakin Bread live at The Plug in 2001

We're on holiday this month so we haven't had time to record a proper "special" this month. So we're giving you a blast from the past, this mix is by Rob Life and was recorded live at Breakin Bread in 2001 down at The Plug in Brixton.

This is how we used to rock it, b-boy breaks, hip hop, funk, niceness!


July 2010

Steeve The Sleeve and J Squared link up to bring you a great new show.


July 2010 – No Words Special !

July 2010 – No Words Special, a mix of Soul, Funk, R&B and some other stuff. Skeg stays away from the mic this month so the music can talk for itself.

2 hours of digging thru Skeg's 45's playout box plus a couple of Jazz LP's to kick things off. The sort of thing that doesn't get played much on the Breakin Bread show.

All vinyl, some classics, some rare ish, old school, new school, beats, grooves, killer vocals and more...


June 2010 by J Squared

In between World Cup Matches J Squared put together our June show. From the old to the new, some hip hop, soul, disco, beats and even some leftfield-ish!

Enjoy the sun, the football and the funk!


Breakin Bread Radio Show Electro Special

Skeg is joined by Virgil Howe from The Killer Meters for a special Electro show. As well as the normal Breakin Bread fare of new and old soul, funk, jazz, beats and hip hop the boys get busy with an hour of Electro!


May 2010

Skeg and Steve The Sleeve dig in the crates for a bunch of new releases alongside some classics.

Soul, funk, hip hop, jazz and beats! Enjoy!


April 2010

Here's our main April 2010 radio show to follow up the recent Scratch Track Special.

DJ Skeg explores the best new soul, funk, jazz and hip hop alongside a whole heap of classics!


April 10 Scratch Track Special: DJ Skeg & DJ Dizar

DJ Dizar from Invincible Armour joins Skeg for a Scratch track Special!!


March 2010 by Steeve The Sleeve & J Squared

Breakin Bread Radio Show March 10 by Steeve The Sleeve & J Squared


February 10 Part 1 by Skeg & Malcom Catto

Skeg invites Malcom Catto from The Heliocentrics for this special show.


Breakin Bread Best Of 09

Breakin Bread Radio Show Best Of 2009 by Skeg, Sleeve The Sleeve & J Squared.