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K. Sabroso

K. Sabroso began his musical journey on the dance floor, studying the science of beats and breaks while earning his stripes as a b-boy.

In 2009 Sandoval decided to focus his attention on music, both as a DJ and producer.

With musical influences across the board, he has explored countless genres including Dancehall, Latin Alternative, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, House, Glitch, Jungle, Trap, and Jazz... but he never wanders far from the breakbeats that fuel him as both a dancer and frequent Dj of breaking battles.


Latest Release

[BNB 080] K. Sabroso - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky

Breakin Bread have always supported all elements of hip hop and the soul and funk that gave birth to the scene.

As heavy record diggers Skeg and Rob Life always spun original breaks alongside hip hop at their legendary club nights that kicked off in 1998. [...]

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