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Listen to Guest Mix - DJ MONEYSHOT Bliss Flaps! by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

Superstar DJ Moneyshot from The Allergies is back with another incredible mix. The man has skills to burn and a record collection to complement those skills. From soul to funk via breakbeats, hip hop, big beats and understated pop classics this mix has it all. We love it when a new Moneyshot mix pops into the inbox and we hope you do to! ENJOY! [...]



Breakin Bread is a Soul, Funk & Hip Hop Collective based in London which runs a Record Label, Clubnight and Radio Show.

The Club has been running since 1998 and specialises in the anything related to hip hop in the last 50 years. Soul, Funk, Disco, Boogie, Beats, 60's RnB, Latin, Breakbeats etc. etc. etc... With B-Boying, Turntablism, MCing and graffiti... the Clubnight is Funk-fuelled mayhem!!

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