Label » [BNB 050] Ghost - Freedom Of Thought

[BNB 050] Ghost - Freedom Of Thought

After a teaser single Ghost drops his full album and shows that there is life beyond hip hop.


  • Cat#: BNB 050
  • Artist: Ghost
  • Title: Freedom Of Thought
  • Format: CD/MP3
  • Released: May 25th 2009

Ghost's deeply musical approach to making beats has always made him stand out from the UK hip hop crowd and this album shows him stepping out of his boundaries. He's been releasing music since 2002 and his debut album "Seldom Seen Often Heard" released in (2006) hinted at what was possible.

In the 3 years since that release he's been working hard at expanding his repertoire. This album is one of the results.

He's been compared to DJ Shadow, J Dilla and even David Axelrod and you can certainly hear the similarities. However Ghost has his own twang on this whole orchestral/trip hop/beats/donuts sound. He's got his own elements of hip hop, trip hop, soul, funk and even a bit of rock and roll all made with Ghost's unique swing. Whether featuring vocals or simply instrumental each track is a journey in itself through layers of music.

Don't think of anything in particular whilst you listening to any of these tracks and you'll find your mind wandering on its own cinematic path.

The beats are all deeply layered and there's a variety of tempos and rhythms to help your ride thru the album.


Ghost went thru a few upheavals whilst recording this album, relationships finished and started, he finished his job to concentrate on music and he even moved out of the country for a while. He's also been working on other musical projects played here, there and everywhere including stints at Glastonbury, Hip Hop Kemp, The Big Chill, Bestival and The Jazz Café.

The album and its varied feelings is a testament to where Ghost's mind has been at in recent times. Tracks with titles like Return Journey, From The Beginning, Daydreaming, Road To Somewhere, The Day After, Invisible world and Alive all convey something epic and the music certainly fits the names well.

On the other hand tracks like It's All Love, S'All Good, Move Strong and Way You Feel show Ghosts positive, party side whilst other tracks like See You Crying, Daze and Frozen in Time show him in a reflective mood. Of course, Ghost couldn't leave behind his roots entirely.

As well as that old boom bap lurking in every one of his drum patterns he felt he had to have some straight up hip hop on his album and so he brought in Finale from Detroit and the cream of UK hip hop MC's in Jehst, Dubbledge and Verb T. He's still got it on the hip hop tip!

His lifelong fans will be happy while a new audience is sure to emerge with this album. If you like Ninja Tune, DJ Shadow, Tempa, Hot Flush, DJ Yoda and Planet Mu you'll love Ghost.

This guy is deep. His music is deep and he's on such a run of form that every release of his will take you a little deeper. Forget your preconceptions, just let this music inside and we challenge you not to be moved…

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  1. Thought Police Intro
  2. Return Journey
  3. It's All Love
  4. Elevate feat. DJ IQ & Jehst
  5. The Day After
  6. Invisible World feat. Verb T
  7. Feel Pain
  8. Move Strong feat. Dubbledge
  9. Daze
  10. Frozen In Time feat. Verb T
  11. Day Dreaming
  12. From The Beginning
  13. See You Crying
  14. S'all Good feat. Finale
  15. Way You Feel
  16. Remember
  17. Road To Somewhere
  18. Alive



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