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[BNB 012] Ghost - Ghost Stories

Breakin Bread continue to push their brand of DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP".

After a couple of recent releases on 7" the label returns to the 12" format for a heavy Hip Hop release from a new artist, Ghost.


  • Cat#: BNB 012
  • Artist: Ghost
  • Title: Ghost Stories
  • Format: 12"/MP3
  • Released: 2003

Ghost is a well known figure on the independent hip hop scene. Originally hailing from Norwich he moved down to London in 2001 and became a familiar face at all the jams handing out remix CD's. Ghost then became involved in the UK's only dedicated hip hop radio station ITCH FM and secured his own show (The Midweek Session, Weds 8-10pm). He has always produced beats and being a head on the London scene allowed Ghost to make links with a number of labels and MC's. This EP is the result of those links.

Ghost is a very busy man…..he also featured recently in Undercover magazine (check the CD from the June 03 issue), gained airplay on 1Xtra (winning a demo competion, airplay from Excalibah), remixed a track for the Beats in Progress label (out late 03) and contributed tracks to the forthcoming release by Kashmere on Receptor Records.

As if that isn't enough, he also found time to moderate on forums for some of the UK Hip Hop websites out there. In fact, through these links he has gained airplay on Toronto crew, Circle Research's Radio Show and Oakland's Scratchlab Radio. Ghost Stories is a perfect release for Breakin Bread since the EP covers a wide range of styles.

Like a Breakin Bread club night, this EP has something for everyone.


A1 "Flip It" feat. Kashmere & DPF

A dancefloor shaker if ever there was one. Ghost hits us up hard on this track with some beautiful samples, neckcracking drums and a hook to die for. We called up a couple of Breakin Bread stalwarts to flip lyrics over the beat, Kashmere and DPF as ever did a stirling job. DPF has already recorded for BB on a Rob Life 12" and his other contributions to the scene can be found on SON where he has released his own EP and featured on Def-Tex tracks.

We met Kashmere ripping it on the open mic at Breakin Bread, he has since contributed tracks to Lowlife records whilst working on his own releases for Receptor records.


A2 "Exactly" feat. Asaviour & Verb T

This track takes a bit of a chill from A1 and gives out vibes of a summers day or a smoking session with your mates. From the moment the high hats combine with the double bass you'll know you're in for a treat, and when Asaviour and Verb T start rhyming it just gets better. Asaviour and Verb T both made contributions to the recent Food compilation on Lowlife Records. Check the lyrics and start thinking about the state of UK hip hop…… "gotta drop knowledge on the scene……exactly!!"


A3 "42" feat. Tommy Evans & DJ IQ

Track A2 has chilled you out and you are now ready for some deep thought. Ghost takes you there with a brooding beat and one hell of an atmospheric track. Tommy Evans is almost a veteran of the UK scene and his lyrics and unique flow complement the track perfectly. Tommy, a co-founder of YNR recordings, is responsible for some classic tunes over the past couple of years, looks like he's come up trumps again with Ghost. The tune also features one of the best DJ's in the country, IQ who recently won the UK Under 18's DMC's (a name to watch for!).

Have a smoke or stare up at the clouds to this one.


B1 "Dedication" (Inst.)

On this instrumental effort, Ghost gives props to his major hip hop influences over the years. A work of love and respect, this is set to be a future classic to feature on many a mix tape.

Ghost's first release is a labour of love and a fine debut release that is sure to cement his place at the forefront of the ever-growing UK independent hip hop scene.



  1. "Flip It" feat. Kashmere & DPF
  2. "Exactly"feat. Asaviour & Verb T
  3. "42" feat. Tommy Evans & DJ IQ
  4. "Dedication" (Inst.)
  5. "Flip It" (Inst.)
  6. "Exactly" (Inst.)



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