Label » [BNB 083] The Getup - Get Lucky

[BNB 083] The Getup - Get Lucky

The Getup are back with a stunning cover of the tune of the year. This is a heavy breakbeat, crazy Hammond organ cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". This is a guaranteed dancefloor filler and definitely not your average version!


  • Cat#: BNB 083
  • Artist: The Getup
  • Title: Get Lucky
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 23rd September 2013

Side A "Get Lucky"

This kicks in with a heavy drumbreak showing you the boys mean business. As the other instruments join the drums, you'll recognise some of the chords used by Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers but your dancefloor may not yet recognise the tune.

Sabina Challenger's sweet vocal lifts the track yet further and, by now most people will recognise the track. BUT, only when the chorus drops does everyone go wild as they realise The Getup have taken "Get Lucky" to another place entirely... the land of Heavy Hammond Breakbeat Funk.


Side B "Get Lucky (B-Boy Edit)"

The drums were so good on the demo turned in to the label by the band, that we had to do an edit. This one's for all the b-boys who have attended the Breakin Bread club over the years and all the b-boy DJ's around the world that spin Breakin Bread tunes in their b-boy battle sets.

The drums are looped as if they were 2 breakbeat records being doubled. B-boys all around the world will be pulling their freezes as the stabs drop in on the start of each eight.

The backing instruments are kept sparse to keep the drums in focus, and Sabina Challenger laid down an extra backing style vocal that only drops in towards the end of the track.

Get Lucky? The B-boys just did!



  1. Get Lucky
  2. Get Lucky (B-Boy Edit)



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Video » Get Lucky

The GetUp - Breakin Bread - Get Lucky (DJ Tanner Video Edit) from Bryn Garwood - DJ Tanner on Vimeo.


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