Label » [BNB 008] The Deadly 7" Sins

[BNB 008] The Deadly 7" Sins

Established in 1997, Breakin' Bread is a collective that supports all elements of Funk and Hip-Hop culture. They run a hugely successful monthly club night, record label and radio show. The name is derived from a seminal 70's funk album, "Breakin' Bread", by the JB's (James Brown's backing band).

The name also reflects the friendly/block party ethos they have fostered in the club and on the radio. They are a celebration of funky music, breakdancing, graffiti art and turntabilism.


  • Cat#: BNB 008
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Deadly 7" Sins
  • Format: LP/CD/MP3
  • Released: 11 Mar 2002

Their club policy, with its welcoming atmosphere, packed dancefloor, up-tempo funky music and breathtaking breakdancers, means that an exhausting and entertaining night is guaranteed.

The idea behind the record label was to transfer this vibe onto a recorded format. The first releases on the label - the "Sevens Series" - have kept that crucial link to the 70's funk that gave birth to hip-hop. This series had always been intended as a launch pad for an album release.

From the intro, through the many funky beats and rhymes including a cheeky Carry On sample - to the bizarre answerphone skit from a drunken DJ Disorda, the BB crew give you a ride through some of the classic funk breaks and freestyle MCs that have made Breakin' Bread one of the best parties in the city.

The album features many of the tracks from the "Seven Series" from artists such as Quantic, Rob Life and the Limp Twins as well as some new and exclusive tracks all mixed up with a number of "freestyle" raps that were recorded live at the club.

Moving away from the constraints of the 7" format has allowed the Breakin' Bread crew to showcase their take on the traditional "beats and rhymes" hip hop style.

Some of the MCs featured on the LP are Cappo, DPF, Chrome and Mad Flow.



  1. Intro
  2. Quantic - Fresh Rhythm
  3. Rob Life - OK, We're Rollin'
  4. Open Mic Session 1 feat. Kashmere
  5. Rob Life feat. Cappo & DPF - Focus On The Main Features
  6. The Limp Twins - Living Well (Part 1 & 2)
  7. Color Climax - Plug It In
  8. Open Mic Session 2 feat. Kope
  9. Tom Caruana feat. Ahmos - Green Fingers
  10. Beats In Progress feat. Monk McFerret & The Jazzmag Sextet - Death Of 1,000 Cuts
  11. Color Climax feat. Gabe - She Took My Love
  12. Quantic - We Got Soul? (Rob Life Remix)
  13. Open Mic Session 3 feat. AM
  14. Rob Life - Swings And Roundabouts
  15. Beats In Progress feat. Monk McFerret & The Jazzmag Sextet - Crumpet Chase (Quantic Remix)
  16. Rob Life - The Great Rhythm Caper
  17. Open Mic Session 4 feat. Mystro
  18. Color Climax - Jellyfish Popcorn
  19. Beats In Progress feat. Captain Jazzmag & Mr Vincent - Crumpet Chase
  20. Open Mic Session 5 feat TMO & Kope
  21. Beats In Progress feat. Chrome, TMO & Mad Flow - Ill Grammar (Rob Life Remix)
  22. Drunk and Disorda-ly



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