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Color Climax are Paul Toller and Steve Ashby who are based in Coventry. They are signed to London based record label Breakin Bread and have released the dirtiest, nastiest, most down right funky 45's that you can lay your hands on.



Steve plays the Hammond organ, who's style is reminiscent of Alan Hawkshaw from the Mohawks "The Champ" fame, and skills were recently featured on the Rob Life 7" The Great Rhythm Caper - also on the Breakin Bread label.

Paul Toller is a producer and one time member of UK Hip Hop outfit Unanimous Decision. He was also a member of B-Boy crew Floor Science and is a neurotic beats and funk collector. He is also a resident Breakin Bread DJ in London.

They have played at numerous Funk and Hip Hop nights throughout the country including Off The Hook in Derby, Hot, Funky & Sweaty in London and Music Evolution in Cornwall.

While other Breakin Bread artists concentrate mainly on hip hop, Color Climax bring the funk and have been practising hard on their live sound. They have received critical acclaim for their mixture of hard beats, heavy Hammond organ action and delicate arrangements.

Color Climax have released three singles for Breakin Bread and contributed three tracks to The Deadly 7" Sins compilation.

Watch for more funky 7"s and maybe even some hip hop flavours as they build towards an LP.

Featured Radio

Paul T presents Psychosounds

Paul T from Color Climax celebrates the release of his new single with old school legends Prince Whipper Whip and Charlie Chase with a stunning mix of Psych and Soundtrack Funk.

Listen to Paul T presents Psychosounds by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

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