Label » [BNB 077] Prince Whipper Whip & Charlie Chase - This Is Hip Hop

[BNB 077] Prince Whipper Whip & Charlie Chase - This Is Hip Hop

Breakin Bread are back on boom bap hip hop tip with two old school legends showing how it should be done.

Prince Whipper Whip & Charlie Chase are two Puerto Ricans who made hip hop their life when it emerged in the Bronx in the 70's. Chase was part of The Cold Crush Brothers and Whip was in the Fantastic Five. If you're not sure of their background check them in the seminal Wildstyle film.


  • Cat#: BNB 077
  • Artist: Prince Whipper Whip & Charlie Chase
  • Title: This Is Hip Hop
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 11 February 2013

Breakin Bread brought the duo over to tour Europe as part of the 25th anniversary of the Wildstyle film. The guys stayed at Skeg's house during downtime between shows and this 7& is the result. Paul T from UK funksters Color Climax was called in on beat duties and the rest is history.


Side A "This Is Hip Hop"

A boom bap banger aimed straight at the dancefloor that could have been made by Marley Marl. Over a rumbling bassline Whip and Chase tell us about what hip hop means to them. They break down the four elements and even include a dig or two about the bling culture that still infects hip hop. Para is brought in on scratch duties and the result is our favourite type of hip hop. DOPE!


Side B "Respect"

The beat on this track is midtempo and the rhymes stay on the same themes as the a side. This is how the old school gained respect. No autotune here!



  1. This Is Hip Hop
  2. Respect



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