Label » [BNB 004] - Plug It In

[BNB 004] Color Climax - Plug It In

The fourth 7" in the "Sevens series" from the Camberwell-based club nite/record label is a slab of heavy, heavy funk. For anyone expecting Acid Jazz or smooth contemporary stuff - BEWARE! THIS IS PROPER FUNK!


  • Cat#: BNB 004
  • Artist: Color Climax
  • Title: Plug It In
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 06 Nov 2000

Color Climax are Paul T and Steve Ashby, 70's Funk and Porn entusiasts from Coventry (that well known hotbed of Porn and Funk Culture!!). Joining together with Oxford-based Guitarist John Wright to record for Breakin' Bread resulted in the dirtiest, nastiest, most down right funky 45 that you'll lay your hands on!!

Steve plays Hammond organ and was a member of the band "Aquarius" who covered classics such as "Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue" and "The Champ". His skills were recently feat.ured on the Rob Life 7-inch "The Great Rhythm Caper".

Paul T is a producer and one-time member of the early 90's UK Hip Hop outfit "Unanimous Decision". He is also a member of B-Boy crew "Floor Science" and a neurotic beats and funk collector".


Side A "Plug It In"

A dancefloor shaker! This party rocker will drive the crowd wild!


Side B "Power Pac"

A more down-tempo funk workout. Get in tune!



  1. Plug It In
  2. Power Pac



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