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Rob Life is a DJ, producer and all round music enthusiast originally from the Midlands but now based in London.

One of the best DJs the UK has to offer, Rob is not only known for his party rocking Hip Hop sets but also cutting up those funky breaks for the B-Boys and B-Girls to throw down to.

Rob is a founding member of the Breakin Bread Crew and resident DJ at all the Breakin Bread Nights. But Rob is also an international DJ, playing at Breaking events, festivals and clubs throughout Europe.

Rob and Skeg started Breakin Bread with a mission to put the fun back into Hip Hop nights, to get people up on the dance floor and into the music.

Using a combination of up-tempo tunes and the now legendary B-Boy battles, Breakin Bread built up a reputation for consistently playing good music. And being the only Hip Hop, Funk and all elements night in London, word has been getting around. Breakin Bread started in a pub in Brixton. As soon as heads heard about the all elements and funk combination that BB were pushing they started coming down in their droves.

Breakin Bread soon had to move venue and went first to Jax under London Bridge and then since 2003 it's been at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel. Skeg and Rob Life became friends in their early teens due to a love of hip hop. They are both record collectors and have an interest in all elements of a musical scene. As a result it wasn't long before the boys started releasing their own records and in 2000 the Breakin Bread Record Label was born.

Rob was the first artist to release material on the Breakin Bread Record label, "OK We're Rollin'" is a ridiculously funky, cut 'n' paste style scratch fest and the perfect record to launch the Breakin Bread sound on the world. Rob has had several more releases on the Breakin Bread label, producing both funky breaks and top notch Hip Hop.

As a producer, he has worked with Kashmere, Cappo and DPF amongst others.

Not content to be merely an international DJ Rob holds down the day job at Boombox Distribution.

Look out for his Pocasts, coming soon...

Featured Radio

Back In The Day! Breakin Bread live at The Plug in 2001

A blast from the past, this mix is by Rob Life and was recorded live at Breakin Bread in 2001 down at The Plug in Brixton. This is how we used to rock it, b-boy breaks, hip hop, funk, niceness!

Listen to Back In The Day! Breakin Bread live at The Plug in 2001 by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

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