Label » [BB 001] Rob Life - OK, We're Rollin'

[BB 001] Rob Life - OK We're Rollin'

The first release on the new Breakin Bread label brings the vibe of the club night onto vinyl.

Rob Life pieces together an original piece of B-Boy funk that captures the essence of those 45rpm 7" releases from the 70's Blaxploitation era. This 7" will appeal to radio and club DJs with a feel for funky music whilst also keeping the "HEADNODDERS AT HOME" and the "MIXTURE AFFICIANDOS" happy.


  • Cat#: BB 001
  • Artist: Rob Life
  • Title: OK, We're Rollin'
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 30 June 2008

Side A "Ok, We're Rollin'"

Using vibrant drums and clever vocal samples, Mr. Life lets you know that both Breakin Bread - the nite - and Breakin Bread - the label are definitely "Rollin'".

Side A is a testament to the breakdancing circles that are ever-present at the Breakin Bread club. The track is kept flowing nicely by Rob's trademark scratches, a bit of funky guitar and some tribal chanting.


Side B "Style Applications"

Rob Life reveals his bizarre sense of humour in this track. The vocal samples range from a man telephoning a hair salon to ask what "STYLES" are required, to another strange sounding bloke exhorting the drums to roll.

A groovy bassline and some tight drumming samples hold the whole track together.


"Let the funk continue to roll and let's all break some bread in the new century."



  1. OK, We're Rollin'
  2. Style Applications



Rob Life

One of the best DJs the UK has to offer, Rob Life is not only known for his party rocking Hip Hop sets but also cutting up those funky breaks for the B-Boys and B-Girls to throw down to.

Rob is a founding member of the Breakin Bread Crew and resident DJ at all the Breakin Bread Nights. But Rob is also an international DJ, playing at Breaking events, festivals and clubs throughout Europe. [...]




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