Label » [BNB 026] Rob Life - Catchin' Grooves

[BNB 026] Rob Life - Catchin' Grooves

In the true spirit of Hip-Hop's originators Rob Life cuts up 2 copies of records with a b-boy flavour taken from a myriad of different musical styles such as Funk, Soul, Boogie, Rock, Latin, Afro, Jazz, Country and more.


  • Cat#: BNB 026
  • Artist: Rob Life
  • Title: Catchin' Grooves
  • Format: CD/MP3
  • Released: 2005

Rob Life offers his own fresh, take on this sound and brings things up to date with many undiscovered and unknown breaks, plus a couple of better known tunes and obscure cover versions of classic breaks thrown in for good measure.

This CD was made with the dancer in mind. It's varying tempos & musical content is aimed at B-Boys with flavour and versatility in their steps.

Recorded Aug-Sept. 2005





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