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The unofficial leader of the Breakin Bread team, Skeg is in charge of making sure shit goes down.



Skeg and DJ Rob Life have been running the Breakin Bread club night and record label since 1998, promoting the nights, signing artists, putting out records, playing countless gigs and festivals, the whole shebang. Breakin Bread started in a pub in Brixton.

As soon as heads heard about the all elements and funk combination that BB were pushing they started coming down in their droves.

Breakin Bread soon had to move venue and went first to Jax under London Bridge and then since 2003 it's been at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel.

Skeg and Rob Life became friends in their early teens due to a love of hip hop. They are both record collectors and have an interest in all elements of a musical scene. As a result it wasn't long before the boys started releasing their own records and in 2000 the Breakin Bread Record Label was born.

In addition to the club and the label, the Breakin Bread collective (of over 20 DJ's, producers and musicians) are involved in radio shows and gigs all over the world.

Breakin Bread's origins come from Skeg's student days at Sheffield University. Whilst there, the young Skeg began putting on well received Hip Hop and Funk nights. Once he moved to London this blueprint was expanded on to form Breakin Bread as we now know it.

Skeg has links to all elements of Hip Hop and has been incorporating them into Breakin Bread (in its various forms) since the beginning.

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