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Ill Boogs is one of the UKs top b-boys (breakdancers). He was one of the founding members of the Floor Science Crew and he went on to become a key member of the legendary Born To Rock and Sinstars Crews.



The label first got to know Ill Boogs when he came down to the early Brixton club sessions (way back in 1998) held by the Breakin Bread crew.

Since then Ill Boogs has probably been to more Breakin Bread parties than any other b-boy in the UK.

As a result, it's completely natural that Ill Boogs' musical offerings are right up our street and when we heard his latest productions we realised that we needed to get these to a wider audience.

Featured Radio

Ill Boogs The Rhythm Den

Ill Boogs celebrates the launch of his debut album with a trip thru his influences and a look at the modern breakdance scene. DJ Skeg is on the wheels of steel

Listen to Ill Boogs The Rhythm Den by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

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Ill Boogs - The Rhythm Den LP Out Now (Audio Preview Pt. 1)

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