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Para, a DJ and producer from Swindon, was introduced to hip-hop around 1988, having a local scene that was active in all elements of Hip Hop Para quickly learnt about the history and was instantly hooked. After experimenting with all elements he decided to focus on DJing.



Para began by making a series of mixtapes which he would hand out locally. These developed into a series of cut and paste mixes that took the idea of cut and paste to the next level.

One of Para's releases "The saxton Collection" received great reviews in this country and across the pond and even earned the tag of "mix of the year" in some media. This was followed by "Feats per Minute" feat. Dj Yoda, another cut and paste style mix that fuses snippets of records from many musical genres in an innovative and original style.

His skills didn't go unnoticed ,one of his scratch tracks was released on "The Return of the Bomb DJ" which over the years has featured the worlds greatest Hip-Hop DJs. His love for digging breaks also led to the realms of production.

He started his own label and began by releasing a series of battle weapon records. "Battle weapons of mass destruction/Breaks and Ladders/The Break Search/Breaks by numbers and Spot the Breaks" all produced with the scratch musician very much in mind. Para also began remixing other peoples tracks on the side which led to him releasing an ep. Pressing only limited numbers he received great reviews and set to work on his full debut album.

After a number of well received 7" singles he's finally got round to finishing his debut album. The album is a nice bouncy ride thru Soul, Hip Hop, Funky breaks and Cut and Paste. Perfect for Breakin Bread the label that continues to raise the bar in hybrid soul/funk/hip hop styles.

Beats to make you dance, hooks galore, vocals courtesy of Caitlin and some samples and some cutting and scratching.

You don't hear this sort of stuff on the radio or in the charts but it rules dancefloors all over!


Featured Radio

Torch Bearer Mix - Para Aesthetics

Breakin Bread are ready for The Olympics thanks to Para's Aesthetics Torch Bearer Mix. A hard hitting uplifting mix of beats, breaks, rhymes and cuts...

Listen to Torch Bearer Mix - Para Aesthetics by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud

Featured Video

Props to our man Ross 'Para' Burden who contributed the track to this dope B-Boyin' 2013 video. B-Boys are you ready...


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