Label » [BNB 053] Para - Fallen On Def Ears

[BNB 053] Para - Fallen On Def Ears

Para is the South West's answer to Cut Chemist!! Known for his underground Mix CD's, scratch tools and battle weapons, he's now taking things to the next level with his own productions. After a number of well received 7" singles he's finally got round to finishing his debut album.

It's not wonky, its not dubstep, its not grimey, its more right than left. Just funky beats, soulful vocals and nice vibes. That's almost old school these days!


  • Cat#: BNB 053
  • Artist: Para
  • Title: Fallen On Def Ears
  • Format: CD/MP3
  • Released: Nov 16th 2009

The album is a nice bouncy ride thru Soul, Hip Hop, Funky breaks and Cut and Paste. Perfect for Breakin Bread the label that continues to raise the bar in hybrid soul/funk/hip hop styles.

Beats to make you dance, hooks galore, vocals courtesy of Caitlin and some samples and some cutting and scratching.

You don't hear this sort of stuff on the radio or in the charts but it rules dancefloors all over!



  1. Rescue Me
  2. It's The Hornet
  3. D Blues in C
  4. Save Your Breath
  5. Iron mountain
  6. The Hideaway
  7. El Coucho Potato
  8. High Speed Dubbing
  9. For Dance
  10. They Killed Ebe
  11. Birth Of the Sun
  12. You Never Change
  13. Remember Scratching



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