Label » [BNB 058] The Mix Vol. 1

[BNB 058] The Mix Vol. 1

A mix CD of Breakin Bread releases from the last 12 years, cut and blended by those titans of the mix CD game Para and Baila. Their selection of the best Breakin Bread tunes. From the early releases by Rob Life, Quantic and Color Climax to UK hip hop classics from Ghost and Tom Caruana to new school soul, funk and beat hybrids from Para, Natural Self and others...


  • Cat#: BNB 058
  • Artist: V/A
  • Title: The Mix Vol. 1
  • Format: CD/MP3
  • Released: Oct 18th 2010

Breakin Bread has been going for over 12 years. They started off promoting nights in a dodgy pub in Brixton, South London and The Breakin Bread crew went on to become a major part of hip hop and funk clubland. The monthly parties always attracted a massive crowd and they still do but the crew cant handle the pace of doing monthly nights anymore (watch out for the 12th birthday celebrations being put together for November!).

They started putting out records from the resident DJ's Rob Life, Tufkut (Beats in Progress) and Paul T (Color Climax) and when these quickly sold out they realised there was a massive demand for music rooted in hip hop but imbued in the soul/funk revival of the late 90's. A common misconception is that Breakin Bread only releases music for breakdancers. The club nights always have b-boy battles going off but the label has never been restricted to b-boy beats, The Crew simply wanted to release top notch soul, funk, beats and hip hop.

Over 50 releases later here we are with the first retrospective mix from the label.


Para and Baila are fast becoming renowned as the kings of the modern underground mix CD scene. Mix CD's with tasty artwork are always going to beat MP3's or burnt CDs. You won't rich from them anymore but you might gain more than a smidgeon of street and club cred. Para and Baila certainly did that with their first mix "The Saxton Collection" from 2006 which received great reviews in this country and across the pond and even earned the tag of "mix of the year" in some media. This was followed by "Feats per Minute" feat DJ Yoda, another cut and paste style mix that fuses snippets of records from many musical genres in an innovative and original style.

Most recently Para released "Smack My Pitch Up" in 2009. Each of these releases were limited to 1000 copies and quickly sold out.

The Breakin Bread Vol. 1 Mix takes in Para and Baila's selection from the full back catalogue. The first half of the mix focuses on Breakin Bread's uptempo tracks aimed straight at the dancefloor. The second half of the mix slows it right down taking in more hip hop and more of the B-sides and introspective pieces from the label's roster.

This mix will please Breakin Bread's loyal following but its also made for everyone with an interest in soul, funk, beats and hip hop and indeed UK music in general. How many collectives have been putting on nights and putting out new original music for 12 years? In the world of UK soul, funk and hip hop nobody does it like Breakin Bread...

Artists in order of appearance: Keno 1, Para, Ghost, Rob Life, Natural Self, Color Climax, Ill Boogs, Tom Caruana, Prince Fatty, The Abdominal Showmen, Kidkanevil, Cappo, Zero Theory, Nostalgia 77, Quantic, Boogaloo & Lotari, The Killer Meters, Kazahaya



  1. Para - It's The Hornet
  2. Quantic - Fresh Ryhthm
  3. Keno 1 - Heavy Heavy
  4. Ghost - It's All Love
  5. Rob Life - Swings and Roundabouts
  6. Natural Self - I Don't Need This Trouble
  7. Color Climax - Plug It In
  8. Rob Life - Here's One I Made Earlier
  9. Natural Self - Song Bird
  10. Color Climax - Pa Coco Solo
  11. Rob Life - OK We're Rolling
  12. Para - Rescue Me
  13. Ghost - Learn Respect
  14. Color Climax - Disque O Heights
  15. Color Climax - She Took My Love
  16. Natural Self - The Lament
  17. Para - High Speed Dubbin'
  18. Ill Boogs - King Conga
  19. Ghost - Ying Yang
  20. Ill Boogs - Funky Ghost Town
  21. Tom Caruana - Choosing The Right Bird
  22. Ill Boogs - Gypsy Rock Go Off Edit
  23. Para - For Dance
  24. Para - The Hideway
  25. Color Climax - Jigsaw
  26. Ghost - Basic Instinct
  27. Ghost - Basic Instinct Natural Self Remix
  28. Color Climax - Crab Walk
  29. Color Climax - Batidas Latinas
  30. Rob LIfe - Great Rhythm Caper
  31. Beats In Progress - Crumpet Chase
  32. Color Climax - Jellyfish
  33. Ghost - Music For The People
  34. Para - You Never Change
  35. Natural Self - To The Sun Remix
  36. Tom Caruana - The Kraken
  37. Natural Self - Black Orchid Original
  38. The Abdominal Showmen - Organic
  39. Natural Self - Black Orchid Prince Fatty Dub
  40. Natural Self - Black Orchid Kidkanevil Remix
  41. Beats In Progreszs - Death Of 1000 Cuts
  42. Ghost - Part Of My Life
  43. Natural Self - Raising The Power To The Top
  44. Ghost - Roundtrip
  45. Natural Self - Foundation
  46. Cappo/Zero Theory - From Acorns
  47. Ghost - Vices Versa
  48. Tom Caruana - Straight Up
  49. Natural Self - Fires Were Started
  50. Natural Self - Soloman
  51. Natural Self - Foundation Part 2
  52. Cappo/Zero Theory - All This And More
  53. Cappo/Zero Theory - Capps Theme
  54. Natural Self - Back To The City
  55. Color Climax - Power Pac
  56. Ghost - Seldom Seen
  57. Ghost - Make A Difference
  58. Ghost - Talk To Me
  59. Tom Caruana - It's Arch
  60. Natural Self - Love Theme
  61. Beats In Progress - Trouble
  62. Ghost - The Plan
  63. Color Climax - You Got What You Wanted
  64. Ghost - Better Tomorrow
  65. Ghost - Through The Hills
  66. Ghost - Valley Of The Legends
  67. Ghost - Alien Invasion
  68. Cappo/Zero Theory - Wise Before My Time
  69. Natural Self - The Love Theme Nostalgia Remix
  70. Tom Caruana - I Created This
  71. Quantic - We Got Soul
  72. Rob Life - Style Applications
  73. Ghost - Flip It
  74. Ghost - Exactly Remix
  75. Ghost - Invisible Inc
  76. Cappo/Zero Theory - Last Remaining
  77. Ghost - The Payoff
  78. Boogaloo and Lotari - Sweat Side
  79. Ghost - On The Right Track
  80. Tom Caruana - Magnus Intro
  81. Color Climax - Crossfire
  82. Natural Self - The Sound



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