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[BNB 075] Kazahaya - Every Little Lie

Breakin Bread drop the fourth single from Japanese beat maker extraordinaire Kazahaya who's been working with US MC's. Once again proper boom bap music on both sides, this time 2 hip hop tracks back to back...


  • Cat#: BNB 075
  • Artist: Kazahaya
  • Title: Every Little Lie
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: -

Side A "Every Little Lie"

You don't get many story telling rhymes these days. Wax and Herbal T take us back to the Slick Rick era by spinning rhymes about everyday life, girls, work and even...Kaza shows us his variety with another neck snapping snare this time laced with some high grade jazz riffs. Watch this take the online radio world by storm.

Side B "Checkmate"

On the flip we've got a straight up banger that could have come out in the golden age indie era of the mid 90's. Kaza gives us stabs of horns, keys and guitars and Paw-Dukes gets all braggadocious on us "...fresh out the basement, adjacent to hell..." - nuff said!



  1. Every Little Lie feat. Paw Duke
  2. Checkmate feat. Paw Duke



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