Label » [BNB 006] Limp Twins - Living Well

[BNB 006] Limp Twins - Living Well

The Sixth release in the "Sevens Series" from the Camberwell-based club nite/record label is seven inches of pure rocking grooves.


  • Cat#: BNB 006
  • Artist: Limp Twins
  • Title: Living Well
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 01 Jun 2001

The Limp Twins are not limp, they rock hard! The first member of the partnership is Will Holland a.k.a Quantic who is causing waves with his recent release for Tru-Thoughts records.

His partner Russ Porter does the vocals on Living Well Part One and they originally gave themselves the "Limp Twins" moniker when they started cruising around the midlands to play their 7" collection of dirty funk, deep fried soul and sleazy samba.

The unique vibe that they bring to their club sets is reflected in the 7" of wax they have kindly recorded for Breakin' Bread.


Side A "Living Well (Part 1) "

Feel that groove! Quantic produces some hard hitting funk that makes us believe he really emerged from the creative swamp that seems to emanate from the new orleans mardi-gras scene!

Check the lyrics, get that feelgood factor and "If you're getting' down to what we do..."


Side B "Living Well (Part 2) "

Following in the tradition of many a funk 45 from the 70's, Side B gives you the rhythm minus the vocals.

In place of the lyrics we have a couple of the unsung heroes of the midlands scene. Dave Woodhouse is on Rhodes and Jon Hughes is on guitar.



  1. Living Well (Part 1)
  2. Living Well (Part 2)



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