Label » [BNB 011] Keno-1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy

[BNB 011] Keno-1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy

Breakin' Bread continue to push their brand of DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP”. The label is currently working hard on developing some straight up hip hop for release on 12” later in 2003 but they continue to bring the funk on 7” for this latest release.


  • Cat#: BNB 011
  • Artist: Keno-1 & The Hermit
  • Title: Heavy Heavy
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 26 May 2003

This time they welcome 2 extra producers into the stable. Keno 1 and The Hermit have previously released records for their own label Museum and also under the names “Natural Self” and “Nostalgia 77” on Tru-Thoughts.

Keno 1 has always had a focus on drums and to prove this, just ask Big Daddy Magazine (now Grand Slam) who described some of his earlier work as “Heavy Bronx”. Does he make hip hop or funk or latin? Who knows, but he has been described as “making hip hop based music that bridges both the melancholic and transcendental”. Wow!

The Hermit also has a focus on funk and drums, but he is also heavily influenced by jazz melodies and the atmosphere of psyche. Having DJ'ed for a number of years he had always planned to make music and he has certainly brought a jazz tinge to Tru-Thoughts 7”s. The Hermit is committed to pursuing his vision and constantly upping his game. Does he get there with these tracks?

On Breakin' Bread, the 2 producers combine forces to great effect to give you 2 tracks for both the dance-floor and all those beat-heads out there. The boys give you heavy funk with a hip hop edge. Perfect for Breakin Bread's musical combination…


Side A "Heavy Heavy"

The boys kick off with a nice crowd mover. “Heavy Heavy” lives up to it's name as it builds and builds through hard beats, hectic drum rolls and one of the baddest basslines ever. When deciding whether to release this, The Breakin' Bread crew dropped this in some of their sets and the reaction was always the same. Whether they were B-boys, Students or a trendy bar crowd, nobody could resist losing the plot to this tune. The Breakin' Bread crew were convinced……try it for yourselves!


Side B "The Hardest Rain"

We're not sure what to label this as. Hip hop ska? Big band Beats? Smokers Breakbeat? Forget it, it's just a dope tune that will keep ‘em going on the dancefloor (even right at the end of the night). From the horn stab intro you know the tune is going to take you for a ride and when the beat kicks in your feet will start moving, it then goes into a bit of a reggae tinge! The breakdown makes you wonder where you were, what were you doing..? then the beat kicks back in you'll find yourself again. Pure dopeness!



  1. Heavy Heavy
  2. The Hardest Rain



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