Label » [BNB 014] Tom Caruana - The Splice Of Life

[BNB 014] Tom Caruana - The Splice Of Life

BREAKIN BREAD continue to push their brand of "DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP". The label have been working hard developing artists and getting product to the right level of quality for release. We hope you agree the wait has been worth it as Tom Caruana and friends drop a heavy hip hop 12".


  • Cat#: BNB 014
  • Artist: Tom Caruana
  • Title: The Splice Of Life
  • Format: 12"/MP3
  • Released: 2004

Rob Life (co-founder of Breakin Bread) met Tom Caruana at college and was immediately excited by his crazy brand of production and incredible output of bedroom recordings. Tom's track Green Fingers was then featured on the Breakin Bread Compilation The Deadly 7" Sins. Tom's prolific output has attracted a host of MC's and DJ's to his bedroom and as a result he has made many contributions to mix CD's and he recently released an EP with The Menagerie. The Splice of Life is his first proper release.

Tom is one of those "mad scientist" producers. He manages to come up with loads of crazy ideas, off the wall productions and downright silly concoctions. To give a brief insight into Tom's personality, check the skits on the 12" where Tom takes you on a trip with Magnus Magnusson to Shark Castle. You even get to stop off and do a bit of bird watching on the way! (you need to listen to it really!)


The Splice of Life is a perfect release for Breakin Bread since the 12" covers a wide range of styles:


A2 "It's Arch" feat. Archo

Tom shows you he means business with a rugged bassline accompanied by solid drums and sound effects oozing with atmosphere. Archco has featured on both of Kashmere's recent EP's on Receptor records and on this he gives us more of the raw style with an aggressive flow. His lyrics speak of the birth of hip hop and skills. An ideal track to start the 12" with.


A3 "I Created This Style" feat. DPF & DJ IQ

Breakin Bread welcome back one of their favourite MC's DPF after recent appearances on both SON and BEATS IN PROGRESS records. DPF tells us all about his world and skills on this tune and he flows over the hard boom-bap with ease. Tom's production is full of instrumentation with guitar and keys in there somewhere. All of this is topped off with some dope instrumental cuts from IQ (Jehst's tour DJ)


B4 "Straight Up" feat. Dr. Syntax

As the title suggests, this is straight up hip hop. Proper beats and rhymes! Dr Syntax returns from his ventures on the Foreign Beggars LP to give you some heavy rhymes over some heavy drums! Dope! All other tracks on the 12" are skits or instrumentals. Please check the tracklisting for details. Like a Breakin Bread club night, this has something for everyone. Tom Caruana's first release is the first of many and this talented producer deserves to cement his place at the forefront of the ever-growing UK independent hip hop scene.



  1. Magnus Introduces Us"
  2. It's Arch'" feat. Archco
  3. I Created This Style" feat. DPF & DJ IQ
  4. Straight Up" feat. Dr Syntax
  5. The Kraken"
  6. Choosing The Right Bird"
  7. It's Arch" feat. Archco (Dirty)
  8. It's Arch" (Inst.)
  9. I Created This Style" (Inst.)
  10. Straight Up" (Inst.)



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