Label » [BNB 018] Natural Self - The Ritual

[BNB 018] Natural Self - The Ritual

Representing the influence behind the music of Natural Self.

From East to West, past to present. Snares snap, bass kicks, horns shine, guitars crunch, scratches cut, lyrics flow, souls sing and music plays.


  • Cat#: BNB 018
  • Artist: Natural Self
  • Title: The Ritual
  • Format: CD/MP3
  • Released: 30 May 2005


  1. Sabu Martinez "Hotel Alyssa"
  2. Nico Gomez "Ritual"
  3. Natural-Self "The Soul Step"
  4. Keno-1 & The Hermit "Untitled"
  5. Ogyataana Show Band "Disco Africa"
  6. Grant Green "Travelling To Get Doc"
  7. Sound Foundation "Sound Foundation"
  8. Beastie Boys "33% God"
  9. Natural-Self "The Sound"
  10. Leaders Of The New School "What's Next" (Large Professor Remix)
  11. Bootsy's First Break
  12. Red Astaire "Come Down"
  13. DJ Shadow "Count & Estimate" (Dub)
  14. Grand Master Flash & Furious 5 "The Message"
  15. Zapp "More Bounce To The Ounce"
  16. Upfront Ruddies "Rudie Smoothness"
  17. The Bubble Gum Machine "I Wonder"
  18. Black Sheep "Flavor Of The Month"
  19. The Bubble Gum Machine "I Wonder"
  20. The Daktaris "Eltsugh Ibal Lasiti"
  21. The Shackleford "God Is All Over Me"
  22. The Dap Kings "Nervous Like Me" (Beats)
  23. The Dap Kings "Nervous Like Me"
  24. The 1 O'Clock Band "The New Born Hippopotamus"
  25. The Keith Tippet Group "Black Horse"
  26. Cedric "Im" Brooks Satta Massa Ganna"



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