Label » [BNB 065] Edenheight - Peaceboy

[BNB 065] Edenheight - Peaceboy

Breakin Bread continue to support the specialist soul and funk scene with a release from Edenheight. This is not a new band, these guys have been gigging hard all over Bristol and The South West and this is their debut vinyl release. It's not just another "new funk" offering, the band have a tightness from all the gigs and 2 superb female vocalists that make these tracks stand out from the pack.


  • Cat#: BNB 065
  • Artist: Edenheight
  • Title: Peaceboy
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: April 18th 2011

Edenheight are a deep-groovin' and original outfit with a soulful urban sound. Forged in Bristol, their list of influences favour more percussive styles including Afro, Funk, Hip Hop + Dub, and as such dance-ability is a precedent. This standard owes as much to an evolution in the city's underground live scene as to their appreciation of high energy musicianship and production.

The Breakin Bread Crew met the band at a party held in Coventry a couple of years ago by the Color Climax mainstay Paul T. They were immediately impressed by the capability of the players and a different sound from most other modern soul/funk outfits. Bandmembers play regularly in The Southwest with other bands like The Manfredi Funk Initiative and 100 Strong.

Members have also played around the UK and Europe in various other bands including The Haggis Horns and are a regular support act, recently playing with DJ Shadow's Introducing Endtroducing and Osaka Monaurail.


Side A "Peaceboy"

This track is a collaboration between some time Bristol based vocalist/lyricist 'Trudi Mosiamo', an inspired vocal performance from singer 'Elle Dee' (Smith and Mighty) and a 70s psych-funk fusion idea from Edenheight. This is not your average funk fare. The beat bristles from the get go, coming from a different place than most other modern soul/funk offerings. The bass drops in and the groove grabs you deeply before the vocal even kicks in. This is a musical statement of intent from the hard end of the collectives repertoire, this version includes a blistering alto solo from James Morton!


Side B "Trouble"

This is the sort of groove only a well honed gigging band could offer. Downtempo and deep, Elle Dee brings an urban narrative to a growling, bass-heavy Edenheight break. This is spacious pocket funk where counter rhythmic horn lines and rhythm section interplay build throughout. On resolution of the vocal structure, the outro's tenor Saxophone solo by Mike Lesirge weaves through to fade.



  1. Peaceboy
  2. Trouble



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