Label » [BNB 078R] Ed Meme - Oh Yes I Will Remixes

[BNB 078R] Ed Meme - Oh Yes I Will Remixes

Remixes of Ed Meme's stunning soul funk debut from earlier this year. We got so many requests from people to remix this track we had to let them loose to see what they came back with.

Here we present mixes that take us into the world of Nu Disco, Deep House and Chilled Out.

To finish off the package we've also got the original version.


  • Cat#: BNB 078R
  • Artist: Ed Meme
  • Title: Oh Yes I Will Remixes
  • Format: MP3
  • Released: 4th November 2013

Glenn Fallows (aka Ed Meme) has been the main songwriter, bandleader, manager, guitarist and Hammond organist for funk, soul and breaks collective The Impellers for the last 5 years, releasing albums on Freestyle Records, Mocambo Records and Legere Recordings.

In 2012, an over-productive mind and too much time on his hands left him with far too many songs to release with the band so to remedy this, a solo project was born, Ed Meme.

The first single has been stunning dancefloors worldwide and for the first time ever Breakin Bread had producers from around the globe asking for copies of the accapella.



Clear is part of the NYC nu-disco scene and this is the track that convinced us to do a remix package. Clear takes us into a sunny world where the beautiful people are grooving by the pool. Will we? Oh Yes I will?


Deep House

Tony S is an underground producer of deep house for Savoir Faire Musique, Soul Industries and more.

He's also a regular club goer and he's remixed this for the sort of club that's still going in a dark alley at 10am on a Sunday morning. Deep and dirty!



Hailing from Brighton Jet Tricks have given this mix has the feel of a chilled beach weekend, just what you need after a long club session.


Original Mix

Proper dancefloor business here underpinned by a sweet vocal by Myles Sanko.

This track is a two-beat beast beginning with a swingy, Motown-influenced groove up against scratchy guitars and sweet vocal harmonies.

The track builds and builds via a heavy drums break and ends in fiece style with a heavy, driving, deep funk workout on the outro.



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